This Week in NFL Dumbness: Week 8

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This Week's 5 Dumbest NFL Moves

Geoff Burke - US Presswire

It’s no secret that NFL players sometimes do silly things. Sometimes they jump offsides before the ball is snapped; sometimes they cost their team with a personal foul; sometimes they kill people; sometimes they get arrested on double-digit charges. Though incredibly skilled physically, many football players are not as intellectually gifted. Most of them are diligent students of the game and hard workers who provide some of the most jaw-dropping highlight reels you will ever see. They are not, shall we say, always known for their sky-high IQs.

Coaches are not immune either. Sometimes they seem to have no understanding at all about how timeouts are to be used. Sometimes they throw challenge flags on plays that have no chance of being overturn. Sometimes they are named Andy Reid.

There are exceptions, to be sure. Some football players took actual college courses, and not just Underwater Basket Weaving and Ballroom Dancing classes. (cough. Matt Leinart! cough.) They may be able to read an offensive scheme quicker than lightning, they may be able to find a weakness in a defense by the way a safety stands pre-snap, they may be able to jump a route thanks to hours of film study, but sometimes they lack that seemingly rarest gift of all: basic common sense.

Whether it’s a coach putting his quarterback in harm’s way, a player picking a fight with a ref, or other face-palm-inducing behavior, we’ll take a spin through the league and see the stupidest things said and done each week, on and off the field.

Click through to see the top five offenders from this week:

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Michael Vick

Eric Hartline - US Presswire

In his post-game press conference the embattled Philadelphia Eagles quarterback acknowledge that coach Andy Reid could reasonably be considering making a change at quarterback. “If that’s the decision Coach wants to make, I support it.”

What? You support benching yourself? I understand being a good teammate and not causing problems for a team, but if you are a football player - much less the quarterback and leader of the team - you need to want to be on the field more than anything else in the world. You cannot be complacent when your job is on the line! I don’t want to see that kind of attitude from my quarterback, and I’m sure his teammates don’t either.

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Washington Redskins Receivers

Jason Bridge - US Presswire

There are few things more frustrating to a fan than watching your team drop passes. Washington fans must have been apoplectic watching their receivers drop ten passes en route to a 27-12 loss against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Being Washington fans, though, at least they’re probably used to feeling that way.

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Whoever Made Those Pittsburgh Steelers Uniforms

Jason Bridge - US Presswire

I don’t generally hate on throwback uniforms. The fans tend to like them and they provide something interesting and inane to talk about. But what on earth were the Steelers wearing? Black-and-yellow striped jerseys with beigey-moldy colored pants and bumble-bee socks? To be honest, I actually kind of dig the “jailbird” concept, but not in those colors! Please, never again in those colors!

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Tim Masthay

Jeff Hanisch - US Presswire

Green Bay Packers punter Tim Masthay is a great punter and, until Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars, was the proud owner of a perfect passer rating. Having thrown a touchdown on a fake field goal earlier in the season, the Packers tried again to make some special teams magic. Unwisely, however, they put it to the punter to be able to make pre-snap readings of a professional NFL defense. Masthay, realizing too late the Jaguars were in Cover-2 and not man coverage, underthrew the ball and the Packers turned the ball over on downs. The Packers should probably retire that play for the rest of the season.

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DeAngelo Hall

Geoff Burke - US Presswire

This guy is probably my least favorite player in the NFL. The cornerback is stupid, selfish, and not very good. He always talks a lot of trash but rarely is able to back it up on the field. On Sunday, Hall was ejected from the game for screaming at the ref, getting in the ref’s face, and refusing to back down. I don’t know what Hall was upset about, since the whole thing started when Hall drove Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Emmanuel Sanders to the ground with his helmet. Ben Roethlisberger stepped in, presumably to voice his displeasure at the play, but nothing came of it until the ref approached Hall to address the penalty that was to be assessed against him. Hall lost all composure and began yelling at the ref and took off his helmet - a big no-no. He was unsurprisingly ejected. When the ref walked away, Hall continued after him, having to be pushed away by the other refs until his teammates could come drag him away. A couple of days later, Hall refused to back down from his behavior, accusing the ref of jawing at him: “Me and the ref was equally at fault on that particular play.”

Except not, DeAngelo, because he’s the official. He’s not your equal. He’s the teacher, you're the student, and you need to show respect no matter how much you disagree with the call. Hall’s stupidity and immaturity that cost his team thirty yards on the play.