NFL Chicago Bears

Tim Jennings Having A Career Season With The Chicago Bears


Tim Jennings hasn’t just turned a corner this season, he has moved cities and started a new and more successful life.  Before the 2012 season “The Hawk”, as he has been named by teammates, ritually dropped basic interception opportunities, and made dumb plays at least once a game.

All that has drastically changed at the start of the 2012 NFL regular season, where after 7 games for the Chicago Bears, he sits pretty at the top of the league interception rankings on six.

To put this into context in the 85 games Jennings has started before the 2012 season he amassed just 8 interceptions total.

He has already surpassed his highest season for pass deflections (10 in 2011) by sitting on 13 so far this season.

Based on the projections he will smash every stat column he has amassed in any season of his career thus far.  At his current pace, Jennings will achieve 89 tackles, 14 interceptions, 30 pass deflections and 2 touchdowns.

Again some context that would better any season that the current best cornerback in the league New York Jets’ Darelle Revis has ever set, by some margin.

If Jennings continues to play at the level he is, then he should be a shoe in for a pro bowl place and anyone that argues differently just isn’t paying attention to what this guy is doing.

If the Bears continue to get the kind of production they have been out of Jennings and the rest of the secondary, the 2012 season could very well be a special one, to remember alongside the 1985 Bears, not a bad club to be a part of.