Arizona Cardinals' LT D'Anthony Batiste replaced in 1st Quarter

By Kase Brammer
D'Anthony Batiste Arizona Cardinals
Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE

Arizona Cardinals’ Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt finally had enough of his veteran LT before the first quarter was up. Rookie Nate Potter replaced D’Anthony Batiste in the first quarter. This move could have been made too late for the Cardinals after they lost their fifth straight game to the Green Bay Packers. The Cardinals are in a free fall heading into their bye week, unfortunately there isn’t a soft landing on the other side .

They will face the Atlanta Falcons after their week off. This team should not treat this as a vacation. They need to make changes and they know it. The first was replacing the struggling tackle. I do not think there will be a change at the quarterback decision. QB John Skelton played better than expected throwing the ball for over 300 yards in the loss. He will have two weeks to prepare for the Falcons. He should be watching tape already. Skelton also ran into some problems with dropped passes. They had a few drive killing drops that could have swung momentum in their favor, but after 5 losses in a row the Cardinals are getting used to missed opportunities which is not a good thing.

The real question is, what other changes can be made? The change at left tackle was needed, but there is still a problem at right tackle that the Cardinals will need to sit on for the remainder of the season. The running back position is another area that could use a change up. I have all the respect in the world of RB LaRod Stephens-Howling, but the Cardinals need a power back. William Powell is not the answer, but I say give him a shot and start him when the Cardinals resume play in a couple weeks.

The Cardinals had a good effort today, but a loss is a loss. Changes need to be made and Whisenhunt recognized that when he replaced Batiste. Whether or not there are more changes coming is up to “the Whiz”, but something has to be done.  If the Cardinals continue on this path Whisenhunt might be looking for a new job.

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