Denver Broncos: Von Miller is a Star

By Joe Morrone

Is it possible that Von Miller has been forgotten about all ready, probably not but the Denver Broncos linebacker proved on Sunday that he can take over a game at anytime. Maybe there are a few people out there who are looking at the numbers and asking, what’s wrong with Miller? Let me answer that for you, there’s nothing wrong with the second year linebacker.

Miller finished the game versus the Cincinnati Bengals with three sacks and was never really blocked unless they were holding him. In addition to the pass rush, Miller is getting better and better versus the run and in pass coverage. The Broncos shut down the running game of the Bengals and Miller was a big part of that.

As a whole it was not the best day for the Broncos defense but they made the plays when they had to be made. After the Broncos took the lead in the fourth quarter, Miller and his teammates turned up the heat and forced a turnover that basically ended the football game.

Maybe Miller set the bar so high in his rookie season that people think he is not living up to those expectations. The truth is Miller is a much better overall player and he is only getting better. In 2011, he was a one-dimensional player and in 2012 he is turning into one of the best all-around linebackers in football.

It’s time for a reminder to those who have forgotten that Miller is a great player and on Sunday, he turned on a dominating performance. The Denver Broncos are now 5-3, in control of the AFC West and Miller has had a big hand in all of that success.

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