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NFL Oakland Raiders

Is Dennis Allen on the hot seat for the Oakland Raiders?

Dennis Allen

Kirby Lee- US Presswire


Is Dennis Allen not the answer for the silver and black?

The Oakland Raiders (3-4)  prepare for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-4) this Sunday, a game that can go in any direction. Allen and the Raiders have won the games they’ve needed to win the past couple of weeks, but now is the time to start making that extra effort to get the tough finishes recorded in the “W” column.

If the Raiders lose, is Allen’s job in jeopardy?

No way, he has only coached seven games for the Raiders.

Is he on the hot seat?

Of course, any coach who is not over .500 after the half-way point of the season should feel like he is on the hot seat. The best coaches say after a loss that the blame starts with themselves. Allen’s defensive scheme of “bend but don’t break” in the secondary may come back to haunt him if they keep losing games by teams marching down the field to score points.

It is rare in Oakland to see a defensive-minded head coach that isn’t John Madden, but as the 18th head coach in Raider history, Allen has the chance to really build this team into a balanced force. Bold decisions like trusting Carson Palmer as the starter (while fans call for Terrelle Pryor), his whole defensive style, and other minor things that make the team how they are.

Discipline. That is what may cost Allen his job, he needs to get the team to cut down on penalties and have more organized plays going into the back-end of the season.