Oakland Raiders: Nightmare at Running Back

By Jeremy Hayes
Cary Edmondson- US Presswire


So Raider Nation, still don’t believe that the Oakland Raiders should have made a move for a running back at the trade deadline?

The Raiders (3-5) fell to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 42-32.

First off, the game was lost because of the Raider defense, and the performance of the year by rookie Doug Martin, who had 251 yards rushing and four touchdowns.

Yes, the Raider defense was horrible, but the Raiders had just 11 rushing attempts the whole game.

Darren McFadden left the game with an ankle injury, and had seven of those 11 carries. Which means, without their starting running back, the Raiders did not trust Mike Goodson  to run the ball successfully, not to mention the offensive line’s lack of ability to run block.

Without McFadden, the Raiders had 5 total rushing yards. Shame on the coaching staff!

Seriously? Only three hand-offs to the backfield without McFadden. Winning or losing, football is a long game, and you need to be balanced to have any shot at winning. Carson Palmer played unbelievably for the situation he was put in, but he needs a break; that is why he will throw more and more interceptions.

If McFadden or Goodson (who also left the game, in the fourth quarter) have serious injuries, the Raiders are done. A team can not win games averaging 17 yards per game.

The Raiders know that McFadden has a history with injuries, they did a terrible job of preparing the team for the worst, and now if McFadden is out, the offense will be as bad as the defense.

McFadden was having a bad year, but he was still an option that made the opposing team prepare for him and his rushing attack. There is nothing in the backfield now to threaten opposing defenses.

If McFadden is seriously hurt, the Raiders may not win another game this year.


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