Same Issues Prominent in Minnesota Vikings' Loss to Seattle Seahawks

By Andrew Fisher

It’s not a big surprise the Minnesota Vikings came up short on their trip to CenturyLink Field Sunday afternoon. The Seattle Seahawks have arguably the best home field advantage in the NFL, and with a struggling young quarterback in Christian Ponder at the helm, things didn’t look great for the purple and gold.

Unfortunately the game went exactly how fans hoped it wouldn’t for Ponder. The second-year quarterback struggled mightily for the third straight week, completing only 11 of 22 passes for 63 yards with an INT.

Ponder never looked comfortable in the pocket, and while he didn’t have as much time as he would of liked throughout the game, there were still throws he could have made. It was a bad performance; there’s just no way around it.

Adrian Peterson carried the Vikings on his back yet again Sunday, rushing 17 times for 182 yards and 2 touchdowns. You just can’t say enough about Peterson and what he means to the franchise. Without him on the field Sunday, it would have been an ugly, ugly, defeat for Minnesota. Instead he somehow kept them in the game until late in fourth quarter.

Ponder couldn’t get it going through the air, and Peterson alone was just not quite good enough in this one.

On the other side of the ball things weren’t much better. The Viking defense was marched on all game long. Rookie quarterback Russell Wilson looked like a seasoned vet out there, completing 66% of his passes while tossing 3 touchdowns.

The Minnesota run defense was non-existent, allowing 195 yards, including 124 from Marshawn Lynch. It seemed as if the Seahawks could run the ball at will whenever they need a few on the ground.

Somehow the once stout and physical run defense of the Vikings has turned soft.

Poor quarterback play and weak defensive efforts have been the hallmarks of the Vikings’ last three defeats, and unless changes are made and players rebound, it’s going to be a long second half of the season in Minnesota.

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