Three of the Nicest Buffalo Bills

By Scott DelleFave
Moats, Arthur 1

After all the serious articles about a team and it’s players, I felt like doing a feel good and a lighter article about my beloved Buffalo Bills.

The three guys I have in pictures: Arthur Moats (pictured above), David Nelson (pictured below), and George Wilson (pictured below David Nelson) aren’t only very good on the field athletes but they are extremely friendly and genuine to fans which is rare these days, but more onto all three of these guys

Linebacker Arthur Moats, a sixth round pick out of James Madison University, who played defensive end there, but  was converted into a 3-4 outside linebacker, and made his bones by ending Brett Favre’s consecutive games streak. Arthur is extremely humble and well grounded and always loves talking to fans.

David Nelson was an undrafted free agent wide receiver out of the University of Florida, who is always willing to go the extra mile, he has done several trips to the nation of Haiti after the massive earthquake that rattled that country with plenty of donations. Also David is always willing to talk to any of the fans as well in person or online.

And the last guy I’ll mention today is starting strong safety George Wilson, he was another undrafted free agent wide receiver but he came out of the University of Arkansas. He converted to strong safety and has seen some great success in the past. One day at Buffalo Bills training camp two years ago, he signed so many autographs in one day he went through about ten sharpie markers and stayed out long after security told him he could go inside for the night.

Once again thank you  for reading one of my articles and I hope you enjoyed this lighter side article. I heavily encourage discussion so either leave a comment on here, hit me up on twitter @TheProfessorSD or I am using Google+ so if you could +1 this and any other article of mine you’ve read and liked. I will discuss this article or anything else you’d like football related! Have a great day!

Nelson, David 3
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Wilson, George 1
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