Chicago Bears: Open Letter To Mike Tice

By alibud69
Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE

For the attention of Mike Tice,

As I sat viewing this evening’s festivities I became overwhelmed with fear and anger at your constant refusal to acknowledge that a run first-pass later style of offense is what is needed to establish your Chicago Bears offense on a week by week basis.

Let us be frank here, many Bears fans (myself included) berated Mike Martz in the 2011 NFL season for an idiotic lack of commonsense in his play calling. His refusal to recognize that the offensive was inept in pass protection and that the Bears should be rushing the ball cost him his job.

However, as much as it pains me to say this, Martz was an infinitely superior play caller than you will ever be.

I find your ignorant refusal to establish the running game with potentially one of the best running back tandems in the league in Matt Forte and Michael Bush, paramount to utter lunacy. They are paid a substantial sum for a reason, please engage your brain and use them accordingly.

I have the very great fear that the nonsense you like to thrust on our television screens will rob one of the all time great, season defensive performances of the title it so richly deserves through the first half of the season. I am seriously beginning to wonder whether you even game plan for the weekend or just wing it when you pitch up at the stadium on a Sunday.

The formula for moderate success, which is all the Bears need, is for you to stick with the running game to keep opposing defenses honest, and open up the passing game. Why do you find it so difficult to see this basic truth?

One of your largest sins is this disgraceful unit you like to call an offensive line. The only thing offensive about this line, that you routinely excuse-monger for, is the offense they cause my vision on a weekly basis.

I have had enough of the disgraceful three quarter performances we have witnessed this season. Jay Cutler has been clutch in the 4th quarter and you should be commended for the success of the Bears in this particular facet of the game.

However for the 45 minutes preceding this victory on your part, your offensive unit has been a steaming pile of garbage for far too long.

In sum I will put it to you like this, if your inept play calling becomes the reason that Brian Urlacher, Julius Peppers, Charles Tillman and Lance Briggs miss out on one of their last shots at a ring, I would suggest you will not only be out of a job come March 2013, but that your next one should be as far away from the state of Illinois as possible.

You stated at the start of the season that “the Bears offense would only go as far as the o-line allows it.” However your statement sorely misguided, and I put it to you and everyone reading that the Bears offense was only go as far as Mike Tice’s play calling allows it to go.


Yours respectfully

Alasdair Lynch

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