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Chicago Bears: Reaction to Bears Blowout win over Titans

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Chicago Bears: My Post Game Analysis


The Chicago Bears trounced the Tennessee Titans 51-20, where they had contributions from all three phases.

The Bears defense put together a dominate performance: The defense put together possibly the most dominate performance in the Lovie Smith era. The defense ended the game with five takeaways, including one going for a touchdown on Brian Urlacher’s interception.

Charles Tillman put together an All-Pro performance, shutting down the team’s number WR in Kenny Britt and forcing four fumbles. Tillman quite possibly put his name in the hat for defensive player of the year.

It seemed like the defense smelled blood in the water after the first takeaway and jumped on the Titans for the rest of the game. Tillman dominated the headlines, but everyone across the defense played a part in the dominance.

Offense starts slow again but finishes strong: It wasn’t a pretty first half by the offense who just seemed all out of sorts. J’Marcus Webb getting a facemask penalty that resulted in a safety just seemed all too typical for the Bears offense. Giving up three sacks and numerous pressures to a unit that came into the game with 11 sacks just seemed all too typical for the Bears offense

The light bulb seemed to finally come on for the unit in the second half who saw Jay Cutler throw two of his three TD’s to Brandon Marshall. Matt Forte, who was the only bright spot for the Bears in the first half, finished the game with 148 total yards and a TD.

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Offensive Game Ball: Matt Forte


Matt Forte looked like the Pro Bowl Matt Forte of last season against the Titans front seven. Forte looked quick and powerful running with the football, and what I felt was his best performance of the season from a physical perspective.

The Bears also found Forte in the passing game, which is an element that has been missing in this offense for weeks now. Cutler hit Forte on a screen that went for 45 yards, where the RB looked fast and elusive in the open field.

The Bears need to keep feeding Forte who is arguably the team’s best offensive weapon.

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Defensive Game Ball: Charles Tillman


You can make a very strong argument for Brian Urlacher being given this game ball if you take a glance at his stat line. Urlacher recorded five tackles; an interception for TD, force fumble, and a fumble recovery. The honor however goes to Charles Tillman who is making a strong case for defensive player of the year.

Tillman did a good job neutralizing WR Kenny Britt, holding him to five catches for 67 yards, but that wasn’t the highlight of his performance. Tillman forced 4 fumbles in the game, putting his total for the year to seven.

What Tillman is doing this year is remarkable and if he keeps up at this pace, he will be a favorite for the DPOY award at the end of the season.

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Overall Grade for Offense: B


Offensive coordinator Mike Tice had a rough first half as far as play calling is concern. The decision to drop back and pass while backed up in your own end zone was a head-scratcher . The one-man route play, where Marshall is the only WR sent out on a pattern needs to go in the recycle bin.

There were some bad with Tice, but we also saw some good; the most notable play being a Matt Forte screen pass that went for 45 yards. Jay Cutler had his lumps early, but in the end had more positive plays than negative.

You would like to see the offense start the game strong, but in the end it was a solid second half for the offense.

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Overall Grade for Defense: A-


The only negative play for the defense was a 30-yard touchdown Matt Hasslebeck threw to Nate Washington. That was just a great pass by Hasslebeck, who put the ball in a place where only Washington can make a play on the ball.

The only negative play for the defense was a 30-yard touchdown Matt Hasslebeck threw to Nate Washington. That was just a great pass by Hasslebeck, who put the ball in a place where only Washington can make a play on the ball.

An all-out dominated performance by the defense in what look like a trap game on paper.

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Overall Analysis


On what look like a classic trap game on paper, the Bears did what a great team is supposed to do, and that’s take care of inferior teams. The defense is playing out of its mind, flying around the field and creating turnovers.

The offense is still a work in progress, but you saw what it is capable of as a unit. If the Bears offense starts figuring it out, the Bears will be a handful to deal with in January.