Denver Broncos Get Good News on the Injury Front

By Joe Morrone

The Denver Broncos dodged a bullet on Monday when it was announced that guard, Chris Kuper has a sprained left ankle. Kuper should be out 2-3 weeks, but it sure looked a lot worse than that when it happened on Sunday. Kuper has not had good luck with injuries in the past ten months. It started with a broken leg in last season’s finale versus the Kansas City Chiefs. Kuper made it back from that injury in time for training camp and then broke his forearm which forced him to miss the first part of the season.

Kuper was just starting to really get back into the flow when he sprained his ankle in the third quarter versus the Cincinnati Bengals. There’s no question it will be a loss for the Broncos because, as we’ve said, Kuper is the best all-around offensive lineman for the Broncos. There is some good news, though. The first bit of positive news is that he will be back in a relatively quickly. The other thing is that the Broncos have been there and done that. Manny Ramirez played for Kuper in the first part of this season and played well. Ramirez is not Kuper but the offense for the Broncos should be fine while Kuper recovers.

There’s no easy game in the NFL but the Broncos are into the “softer” part of their schedule, which will also make it easier to survive the loss of Kuper. Other than Kuper, the Denver Broncos emerged from the win over the Bengals healthy. Both Demaryius Thomas and Jacob Tamme were banged up during the game but returned to the game, and head coach John Fox said on Monday that both were “fine.” It’s a cliché that coaches love but it’s the next man up, and the next man up is Manny Ramirez.

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