Jerry Jones Can Save Dallas Cowboys

By Ben Grimaldi
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Everyone who loves the Dallas Cowboys knows that Jerry Jones is one of the biggest problems in the organization. Being the owner is fine and dandy but what really gets people aggravated is that he’s also the general manager of the team. The main reason Jones is the GM is because he wants the credit for his team winning; he wants to prove how smart he is, especially now, when more than ever people are doubting him.

There’s no need to go into his double talk about his coaching staff or his delusions about the Cowboys because it does no good. There is also zero reason to bring up his comments from last night that he would have fired another GM if they had the lack of success that Jones has had since Jimmy Johnson’s left the building. These things look back, not forward and what is it they say about people who don’t learn from the past? I’m guessing Jones doesn’t know that analogy?

Jerry Jones, at his core, is a salesman. It’s what he does best, just look at all he’s accomplished since becoming the owner of the Dallas Cowboys! He’s made them the most valuable football organization in the NFL, he’s built a mega attraction for a stadium and he rakes in the cash as a businessman because the Dallas Cowboys “brand.”

There is no question about the man’s ability to sell. The only thing he hasn’t sold is the idea that he’s the man for the job as the Cowboys general manager. We’ve seen the results and they aren’t good.

However, Jerry Jones can still be the savior the Dallas Cowboys need to turn the franchise around. It would also mean Jones would get the credit for any success the Cowboys had if Jones could just do this one thing. This one step would require Jerry being the best salesman in the world; he would have to sell himself on the idea that he’s not suited to be the Dallas Cowboys general manager.

He’s tried and he’s failed and it’s time he admitted that Jimmy Johnson was much more responsible for the Cowboys championship run than he ever was. Jones must swallow his pride, sell himself and buy stock in someone else.

If Jones took this step, he could save the Cowboys and he could still receive the lion’s share of the credit! Think about it, if Jones gave up his general manager title and gave it to someone who knew what they were doing and the Cowboys won, Jones could hail himself as the man who knew he couldn’t do it and hired the right people. He could proclaim that he recognized the organization needed change and he made the right decision!

Jones could make himself the martyr! Isn’t that what he’s always wanted anyway? By admitting he was wrong and hiring a new general manager, he could take all the attention and credit he wants! Heck, isn’t that what Jones wants most, attention?

Jerry Jones has the ability to save the Cowboys franchise by simply hiring his team a general manager and taking the credit for doing so if the team wins. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Imagine the praise he would get if the Cowboys won the Super Bowl with him only being the owner! An owner who knew it was time for a change.

The reality is that no one, not one Cowboys fan or player cares who gets the credit, as long as they win games. Jones appears to be the only one who needs the limelight and the recognition for winning, perhaps because he knows Johnson was more responsible for the title run in the 1990’s? I don’t know the answer to that but I do know this, I have never heard one Dallas Cowboys fan say, “Gosh I’m so happy we have Jerry Jones as our GM, we never would have won those Super Bowls without him.”

Jerry Jones can save the Cowboys by doing what everyone knows he needs to do. We all can see that, so why can’t he?

Of course, Jones isn’t stepping down and I’ve wasted a good amount of your time and mine by writing this but my point remains the same, Jerry Jones can save the Cowboys.

Will he take the one step necessary is the question? Unfortunately, we already know the answer.

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