Jerry Jones Was Not Happy After Another Dallas Cowboys Loss

By Riley Schmitt
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

It has been a rough year for Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys. The team lost another close game on Sunday night and mental mistakes doomed the team. This is a team that drops too many passes and commits too many penalties. Not exactly a winning formula. However, it wasn’t the game that sent Jones into a minor tantrum. It was a locked locker room door.

This might seem a bit trivial, but you can see the frustration growing.  The team peaked in Week 1, if you can believe that.  There is still plenty of time for a turn around but it is getting harder to make a case for that as each week passes.  On paper, the team should be fine but simple things keep the team from achieving their goals.

At this rate, there will be a new coach in Dallas at the end of the year.  That might be the first crucial step to recovery.  However, the most important step will probably never happen.  Jones said that his record as a general manager is worth being fired over.  He understands it is not his strong suit, but why doesn’t he hire a guy to deal with that?  If the Cowboys added a good football guy to the front office, things would change fast.

If the guy could open doors, that would be a plus as well.


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