Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Romeo Crennel Hands Over Defensive Coordinator Job

By Marc Jenkins
Romeo Crennel Removes Himself as the Chiefs Defensive Coordinator
John Rieger-US Presswire

By now I think it is safe to say that anyone who follows the NFL is informed that the Kansas City Chiefs are by far the worst football team in the entire league. They have stumbled to a 1-7 record on the season, have one of the worst defenses in the league and can’t seem to do much correct.

On Monday afternoon Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel announced that he would no longer maintain the role of the team’s defensive coordinator and head coach at the same time and that he would be delegating the D-coordinator position to linebacker coach Gary Gibbs. Gibbs has been the Chiefs linebackers coach since 2009 and with the team sinking to new lows Crennel (or possibly someone higher up) felt that it was the right time for a change to be made and that hopefully it would result in some type of positive effects.

The Chiefs also made a few more moves on Monday in attempts to get their defense to play better than it has thus far including releasing one of their starting cornerbacks Stanford Routt and also signing defensive tackle Shaun Smith for the remainder of the season.

Kansas City currently ranks 17th in total offensive yards allowed per game (347.5 yards), tied for 11th in passing yards allowed per game (221.5 yards), 22nd in rushing yards allowed per game (126 yards) and 29th in points allowed per game (30 points) which aren’t the greatest statistics but those kinds of numbers shouldn’t result in a 1-7 record. The Chiefs will see if their defensive changes will help them when they face off against the Pittsburgh Steelers next week in Pittsburgh on Monday Night Football.

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