Arizona Cardinals' LT Nate Potter Earned a Starting Role

By Kase Brammer
Nate Potter starting LT
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Before the first quarter was over Arizona Cardinals’ Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt saw enough of LT D’Anthony Batiste. Rookie Nate Potter took his spot and according to Whisenhunt he played his way into a starting role. The undersized rookie from Boise State did a great job on LB Clay Matthews. He has better form and seemed to play smarter than his predecessor. The Cardinals are now starting two rookies at possibly the most important positions on offense outside of quarterback. That makes this a very young offense with exception of a few players.

Potter may be able to keep his position depending on the play of RT Bobby Massie for the rest of the season. If Potter plays out of his mind for the rest of the season the Cardinals may have no choice but to move current injured LT Levi Brown back to the right side of the offensive line. I’m not sure if Brown is more comfortable there, but he will have to make the necessary adjustments.

It is safe to assume that Potter will be an upgrade for the Cardinals. Batiste struggled all year and really doesn’t have an excuse unless the coaches are keeping something from the media. The only downside to Potter is his weight. The Cardinals need to put that kid on a diet. I’d like to see him come into next training camp weighing 320 pounds. He is tall, but having a little more weight to throw behind his long arms is never a bad thing. Hopefully this move does not translate into the Cardinals giving up on the season.

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