NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Wasn't Allowed In Locker Room Last Night

By Ben Grimaldi
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

After what happened to his Dallas Cowboys during the game against the Atlanta Falcons last night, I’m guessing owner Jerry Jones probably wasn’t too pleased with being locked out of the Cowboys locker room after the loss.

There was no word on whether or not Jason Garrett was the culprit.

Cowboys Vice President and son of Jerry, Stephen Jones, told 105.3 The Fan this morning on his weekly radio spot, “What they do is they hold the door because there’s media and there’s different people coming in and out. He hit the door and said, ‘It’s Jerry’ and they didn’t realize it was him, and then they let him in.”

“Obviously, they didn’t know that it was him. Once they figured out it was him, they let him right in. But there was nothing contentious or anything like that. It was just not knowing that he was the one trying to get in the door.”

Clearly it’s no big deal and a small mishap, but you can bet your bottom dollar – and I’m guessing that’s all you have left after drowning your sorrows in another Cowboys loss – that Jones wasn’t too pleased with the whole situation.

Jones not being allowed in the locker room would be a good thing for this Cowboys organization because he’s already too involved as it is, but I still have a bigger problem with the Jerry and Stephen. Why in the world does Jerry Jones have his own time slots on multiple radio stations? I’m guessing we already know that answer, which is fine because we’ve come to expect that from Jones. However, is it necessary that Stephen Jones has radio spots too? It’s no wonder the Cowboys stink – their primary decision-makers are too busy working the radio circuit than to figure out what is wrong with their team!

If I were a Cowboys player or coach I would gladly lock out Jones from the locker room; maybe then he’d realize that he’s not a member of the team. He owns the team, and as much as he likes to think he does, he doesn’t play or coach.

They should lock up his GM duties too.

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