Oakland Raiders let golden opportunity slip through their fingers

By Josh Walfish
Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

The Oakland Raiders had the perfect chance to complete their comeback to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but a lack of execution down the stretch cost them a big victory. Any confidence Oakland had before the game has now vanished and a once promising season is now hanging by a thread.

Quarterbacks- It was a bad day for Carson Palmer despite the fact he threw for more than 400 yards. His four touchdown passes were great, but his three interceptions were costly and very well may have cost Oakland the football game. C-

Running Backs- The only thing that needs to be said is 22 yards. F

Wide Receivers- You can’t blame the receivers for this one because they made all the big plays. They caught most of what came their way which is all we can ask for from this unit. B+

Offensive Line- If you want to run the ball, the offensive line needs to gain some push which is something Oakland’s line didn’t get. The Raiders need to work harder in the trenches especially on the offensive line. D

Defensive Line- Doug Martin ran all over the Raiders’ defense and the main culprits are the defensive line. They go no penetration whatsoever and the Buccaneers just ran the ball down Oakland’s throats. D+

Linebackers- When the running back gets behind the defensive line, it’s up to the linebackers to stop him. The issue is Martin had some massive runs on the Oakland defense which means the linebackers didn’t do their job. D

Secondary- They didn’t get torn apart which is a good thing, but they also didn’t play well which is a bad thing. C

Special Teams- The kicking game was great as always, Sebastian Janikowski hit his field goal and all three extra points and Shane Lechler had an average punt of 54.5 yards. However, the unit gets a knock for the awkward pass on fourth-and-13 from midfield which only gained four yards. B-

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