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Top 5 Candidates to Replace Jason Garrett as Dallas Cowboys Head Coach

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Top 5 Candidates Dallas Cowboys Should Consider as Jason Garrett's Replacement


Jason Garrett should have never been hired as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Period. Team owner and general manager Jerry Jones makes dumb decisions every day of his life, but this was one of the more prominent, at least in the past decade. Well, it can be argued that Jones' hiring of Wade Phillips as Cowboys head coach in 2007 was equally as moronic, but that's only in the past decade. In fact, you can include Barry Switzer and Dave Campo as arguably the worst two head coaching hires in the NFL, but those came more than a decade ago. Would you look at that? We're already through four moronic moves by Jones and not even past head coaches yet.

As for Garrett, he's technically not the Cowboys' offensive coordinator even though he makes pathetic attempts to call the team's offensive plays each week. (That's just another example of Jones' lack of intelligence.) His moronic play calls (ex. three-yard slant to the short side of the field on third-and-20) are the primary reason why Tony Romo has 13 interceptions and Dallas is 3-5 through eight games in 2012 and well on their way to yet another losing season. If Garrett is fired (there's no reason why he shouldn't be) Jones should fire up a head-coaching carousel that rivals any similar ride at the Texas State Fair.

For once, let's hope that happens, but don't count on it. When it comes to the Cowboys what Jones should do and what he actually does are often two different things. Nonetheless, here are the top five candidates to replace Garrett as the Cowboys' head coach:

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Cincinnati Bengals Offensive Coordinator Jay Gruden

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Mostly known because of his brother, Jon Gruden, Jay Gruden is one of the hottest coordinators in the NFL. What he's done with the Bengals' offense in his short time as their offensive coordinator is astonishing, especially considering he started with a rookie quarterback and receiver last season after Cincinnati's mass exodus of longtime Bengals. Dallas desperately needs someone who actually knows how to utilize its talent on offense and Gruden is the right man for the job.

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Baltimore Ravens Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron


The Ravens' defense isn't what it once was, but Cam Cameron's masterful work with their offense has ensured Baltimore is still a contender. Who would have thought an offense with names like Joe Flacco and Torrey Smith would be putting up almost 350 yards per game? Cameron has a stern yet likable personality, which is the perfect formula for success as an NFL coach. Considering the work he's done with Baltimore's offense, imagine what he could do with Romo and company.

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Ex-New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton


The former Cowboys quarterbacks coach always seems to find ties back to Dallas and this time is no different. Coincidentally, the same time Garrett was placed on the hot seat, Sean Payton's contract with the Saints was voided during his suspension, meaning he'll be a free agent at the end of the season. Considering his relationship with Jones, you better believe Payton will be heavily pursued by the Cowboys and is the best candidate to replace Garrett in most folks' eyes.

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Cincinnati Bengals Defensive Coordinator Mike Zimmer

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Another candidate with ties to Dallas is Mike Zimmer, who spent several years with the Cowboys as an assistant nickel defense coach, defensive backs coach and defensive coordinator. Since joining the Bengals in 2008, Zimmer has produced a top 10 defense in two seasons and a top 12 in a third despite not having what many call "big names" among his personnel. Like Garrett, Zimmer preaches accountability to his players but unlike Garrett, Zimmer backs it up and practices what he preaches. He'd whip the Cowboys into shape in no time if hired.

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Dallas Cowboys Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan

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By far the best candidate for the head coaching job is Rob Ryan, the Cowboys' current defensive coordinator. In a year, Ryan has taken the laughing stock of the league and turned it into a top five NFL defense. Through Week 9, the Cowboys' defense has forced more three and outs than any other team in football. Think about how bad they were the past two years and then let that statistic marinate for a second.

Ryan is the real deal and the best part about him is the players want to play for him. They've given up on Garrett because he's a coward and doesn't take responsibility for his actions. Ryan cried over Sean Lee's season-ending injury. That's how much he cares for his players and they recognize that.

Dallas already has an offensive coordinator ready to go in Bill Callahan, so the loss of Garrett literally will do nothing but save Jones money and Lord knows Jerry loves his money. This is definitely the best move for the Cowboys, but don't hold your breath waiting for Jones to make a smart decision.