Washington Redskins Still Paying for Donovan McNabb Trade

By Timothy Holland
Rafael Suanes- US PRESSWIRE

With all of the excitement surrounding quarterback Robert Griffin III the 2012 Washington Redskins are 3-6. With seven games to play, Washington is three losses away from their third consecutive losing season under head coach Mike Shanahan. In his two and a half years at the helm, Shanahan is 14-27. To find out why the Redskins are losing simply look at the first big move that the Shanahan regime made.

Washington’s 2010 trade with the Philadelphia Eagles for quarterback Donovan McNabb set the franchise back four years. This is the third year of that stretch.

When Shanahan came to the Redskins it was decided that the team needed a veteran quarterback to replace Jason Campbell and bridge the gap until a Griffin III could be drafted. When the Eagles offered McNabb for a second round draft pick in 2010 and a third or fourth in 2011, Washington made the deal.

Philadelphia traded McNabb to the Redskins despite the fact they would have to play him twice a year as both teams are in the NFC East. This should have told Washington that McNabb was no longer the quarterback he once was and the Eagles were anxious to get rid of him.

By trading for McNabb, the Redskins took themselves out of the running for drafting a quarterback. They may not have been able to get one, but by going into the season with McNabb Washington was delaying the process of finding a young signal caller and getting him on the field. The Redskins also added another veteran in Rex Grossman.

Also, Washington put itself in a situation that if McNabb did not work out then they would only have Grossman and young John Beck to take his place. There was no way that the Redskins were going to win with either of them.

Sure enough, McNabb was benched before the 2010 season ended. He was let go at the end of the season. Washington did not feel as though there was a quarterback that they wanted in the 2011 draft (despite the fact that Andy Dalton was there) and went into the season with Grossman as their starter. The Redskins finished 5-11.

In 2012 Washington had to get a quarterback. So the Redskins sent three number one picks to the St. Louis Rams to move up and get Griffin III. This was the domino effect of signing McNabb. The Redskins had to mortgage drafts of the present and future to get their quarterback.

With all of their time and energy being put into finding a quarterback, Washington has not been able to build a team. Thus a 14-27 record over two and a half years.

Maybe this would have happened if the Redskins had not made the trade for McNabb. We will never know.

The one thing that we do know is that by trading for McNabb Washington set themselves back four years. Their 3-6 record in year three of the Shanahan era is all of the proof one needs.

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