Why the Dallas Cowboys Need Sean Payton

By Marc Jenkins
With the NFL Voiding Sean Payton's Saints Contract the Cowboys Need to Swoop in and Sign Him
Derick Hingle-US Presswire

With news surfacing around the league that suspended New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton‘s multi-year contact extension which he signed in September of 2011 being voided by the NFL and that he will become a free agent following the end of his suspension at the end of the year, speculation is flying all over the sports world as to where he may end up coaching during the 2013 campaign.

The first option is for Payton to obviously re-sign with the Saints and remain in New Orleans such as he intended to do when he first inked the deal to stay and lead the Saints through the 2015 season. However with Payton now becoming “the head coach to have” during the upcoming off-season for next year and beyond will the temptation of having any job he chooses be too much to resist for Payton?

One job that seems it will be available for Payton to mull over is the head coaching position for the Dallas Cowboys which could and very well should be vacant for the eighth time in the almost 24 years of Jerry Jones owning the team (one head coach in the 28 years prior, Tom Landry). Current Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett once again is watching his team struggle in being disciplined and making the correct decisions which has led to Dallas sitting at 3-5 at the half way mark of the 2012 season and apparently about to miss out on the postseason for the third consecutive season.

Payton was once a proud assistant coach on the Cowboys staff under Bill Parcels from 2003-2005 prior to his hiring in New Orleans. While a member of the Dallas coaching staff Payton worked well with current Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo who not only excelled while Payton was there but also both attended Eastern Illinois University. Payton obviously has a sense of confidence in Romo as he once offered a third round draft pick for the inconsistent signal caller to the Cowboys to bring him along to New Orleans upon taking the job in the big easy. Jones declined and said he would take nothing less than a second round pick for Romo thus having Payton and the Saints decline and beginning the Drew Brees era which was highlighted by winning the franchise’s lone Super Bowl in 2009.

If Jones would finally admit his mistake that Garrett is not the head coach which the billionaire had in mind he would turn out to be and fire him there fore having the position open and waiting for Payton following his suspension. Payton would and could do wonders for that entire organization who has been amongst the league leaders in both penalties and turnovers each of the past four seasons.

The Cowboys have just as a talented team as the Saints do even more so if you really breakdown the defensive units on both teams so why wouldn’t the idea at least intrigue Payton who will be looking to erase the scent of this suspension next season as quickly as possible. One way to do so could be a change of scenery and what a better way to relocate then to go to a team that you already have some familiarity with. The only stipulation that Payton should request and actually demand is that Jones take less of a hand in the day-to-day operations of the team due to the fact that it simply doesn’t work. No owner is more of a cancer to his team’s success than Jones; it may sound harsh but just check the statistics and records then see for yourself.

Payton would not only restore some faith amongst the Cowboys’ supporters but also within the locker room; do you honestly believe that the current roster has any true belief that Garrett can lead them to where they need to be? I honestly don’t and that is proven evident by their body language and how they compete for him on Sundays (or sometimes Thursday or Monday).

Attempting to sign Payton could be just the jolt that this once proud but struggling franchise may need in order to not only alter the culture inside of that locker room but also to energize a fan base that is growing incredibly tired of losing in the fashion which they currently do. Jones needs to swallow his gigantic amount of pride fire Garrett, hire Payton and save his franchise in the process. He must not forget that he just built a $1.15 billion stadium that I doubt has recouped its cost yet and the only way that it can is by Jones placing a quality product on the field on a yearly basis; Payton could be the final piece in doing so.

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