Adrian Peterson: Can the Minnesota Vikings' Running Back Get Some Help?

By Andrew Fisher
Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

Adrian Peterson was at it again last Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks, rushing for 182 yards and two touchdowns in what was a dominating performance. A sore ankle and surgically repaired knee did little to slow down Peterson, as he again showed why he is the best running back in the NFL.

But even with Peterson’s ravishing performance, the Minnesota Vikings came up well short and lost their second straight game. AP tried to throw the team on his back and carry them to a victory, but it was just not enough, and it will continue to not be enough if someone else doesn’t step up on offense.

Clearly the problems start with Christian Ponder. The sophomore quarterback is in a serious funk and if he’s unable to turn things around soon, the Vikings have major issues.

I’ve been saying for weeks that the Vikings will only go as far as Ponder takes them, and he’s taken them nowhere lately. Peterson is doing everything he can (leading the league in rushing-957), and it’s just not enough.

At this point it’s tough to even think someone else can step up their game with Ponder playing so poorly. If he can’t get the ball out, can fans even expect any receivers to be a factor Sunday against the Detroit Lions? Believe or not Detroit has the league’s 8th best pass defense, only allowing 214.0 YPG.

Peterson will no doubt be called on yet again to deliver another stellar performance come Sunday, and I’m sure he’ll come through, but he can’t do it alone. The league is too good, and specifically the Vikings’ division is too good for Peterson alone to carry Minnesota to victory every week.

It’s time for someone else to step up, or the Vikings will most certainly step down from the playoff race.


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