Andy Reid’s Post-Game “It All Starts With Me” Is Getting Old

By Jeff Everette
Andy Reid Looks On As Eagles Lose Again
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Let me first start by saying that I have a ton of respect for Andy Reid.  I believe he has shown himself to be one of the most successful coaches of this era.  The in game graphic presented by the Monday Night Football crew says it all.  A .602 career winning percentage, just two losing seasons, 9 playoff appearances in 13 seasons, 6 division titles, and 10 playoff wins.

All in all, a very impressive resume.

Still, folks in Philadelphia have been calling for his termination, and at this point, I do not blame them. I am not saying they are right, I am saying I do not blame them.

My reasons are fairly straightforward and obvious. The team is stacked with talent and cannot even compete for a wild card slot, let alone their division.  The promoting of, and consequent firing of, Jaun Castillo.  The dogged loyalty to a struggling quarterback. A frustrating refusal to use LeSean McCoy, and of course, the fact that he has not been able to bring the Lombardi Trophy home.

It is easy to see why the city would be ready to part ways with Andy Reid and his glorious mustache.

For me, though, the biggest reason I don’t look down on anyone who calls for Reid’s dismissal is his post-game mantra.

“As coaches and players we’ve got to do a better job, and that starts with me”

It seems as though I have heard Reid utter this sentence a thousand times during his time in Philly.  For years now, when the Philadelphia Eagles play horribly, this is his go to defense.  Whether it protecting Donovan McNabb, Kevin Kobb, or Michael Vick, the song is the same, and the dance is getting stale.

Originally, I felt that this was superior coaching from one of the best.  Here he is, standing at the podium after his team lays an egg, and he takes the brunt of the blame.  It shows what a leader he is, and how loyal he is to his players.

Who Thinks Andy Reid Needs To Go?

The “it starts with me” has been laid out there too many times now, and nothing seems to ever change.

The Eagles have so many pieces in place, and outside of the O-line, there isn’t one level of the offense or defense that does not have a stand out name attached to it.  They could be such a good team, but the steady-as-they-go demeanor of Andy Reid may keep them from ever being as good as they should be.  Well, Reid’s mannerisms and the lack of talent up front, that is.

It seems a shame to even be speaking of termination when you have a coach with Reid’s resume, but, no matter the pressure to win, the Eagles cannot seem to get it together.  There has been so much focus on whether to bench Vick, on the mid-season coaching change, on whether Reid will get fired, or not.  Something has to give, and there very well may be a coaching change in the near future.

It would be hard to see, but like I said, I understand.  And like Reid said, it starts with him.

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