For Dallas Cowboys Little Things Are Big Things

By Ben Grimaldi

All we’ve heard from Dallas Cowboys players and coaches after their losses is “we need to do the little things better.” It has been a popular phrase used by Tony Romo, Jason Witten and Jason Garrett in the past few weeks. Pardon my french here but that is hogwash! The Cowboys don’t do anything right, big or little, so it’s hard for me to believe they don’t just mess up the “little things.”

I want everyone to understand what I’m saying here, it’s not that the players and coaches aren’t correct when they say they need to do the little things right but it’s that they don’t do much of anything right so I find it hard to believe it’s just the “little things.” Sure, little things like catching passes that hit receivers on the hands would be a good start and considered a “little” thing but it has become a major issue with this team. For the Cowboys, “little things” have become big things.

Yes, dropping passes and running the wrong routes are problems but they aren’t little problems, they are big problems. They have led to turnovers and points for the other team, which are issues I would say have become big problems.

There are plenty of other things they don’t do right that have become major issues and not just “little things.” For instance, the constant penalties are a big issue and I would consider them something that should be worked on all week during practice. If you need to work so hard on the same thing every week and it still doesn’t improve, that’s a big issue.

Another issue that I would classify as slightly larger than little is the offensive play calling. The lack of creativity or urgency with the offense is not a “little thing” that is holding this team back, it is a big problem.

And I’m sorry but having the same problems with clock management and end of game situations is not a little problem, it is a huge problem for the Cowboys. Add up all of these issues which have been a constant on this team for a few years now and they can’t be classified as little issues, not anymore.

Sure the Cowboys have bigger problems than these but to say they aren’t doing the “little things” right maybe trivializing their issues. Shouldn’t any problem be deemed a “big thing” that needs to be fixed? Perhaps the biggest problem is the Cowboys don’t understand than any issue is a big issue and they should be taking each one seriously. A problem is a problem, the size should not matter. Maybe when the Cowboys realize this, that’s when the “little things” won’t seem so big.

They say everything is bigger in Texas and it’s certainly true with the Cowboys and their problems.


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