Get Your Charles Tillman "Peanut Punch" Shirt!

By Paul Bentley
The Heckler Store Peanut Punch Shirt

Chicago Bears defensive-back Charles Tillman is having one of the best defensive seasons ever.  Why not honor him with a t-shirt displaying his finishing move?  Ladies and gentleman, get yourself a “Peanut Punch” shirt!

The Bears defensive standout bears the nickname “Peanut Tillman.”

What is a peanut punch?

A peanut punch is when Tillman jars fumbles loose by throwing left hooks, right hooks, or even uppercuts at the rock as offensive players are on the move.  Tillman has an uncanny ability to force fumbles and the numbers tell all the truth.

Since entering the National Football League in 2003, Peanut Tillman has forced a league-high 36 fumbles.  He had four last weekend alone in the Chicago Bears 51-20 win over the Tennessee Titans!

Tillman has been the best player on a Bears defense that is playing at one of the highest levels we have ever seen.  Not only during this 2012 season. Ever!

The majority of this Bears defense are ball hawking animals and Tillman is leading by example.

With that said, fans of Charles Tillman can now buy “Peanut Punch” t-shirts to represent their love for the Chicago, Illinois native.

For twenty dollars, you can choose between an orange, blue, black or white shirt with a retro style looking fist, punching a football.  A gesture to Tillman and the absurdly good season he is having.

The Bears are 7-1 and are starting to look like the best team in football.  Although Fantasy Football owners tend to only know offensive players, Charles Tillman is racking up so many defensive points, people are dying to trade for the Chicago Bears Defense/Special Teams.

If you have been one of the lucky few to own this Bears defense in fantasy, or you just love Charles Tillman, get yourself a “Peanut Punch” shirt at


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