Indianapolis Colts Shaving Heads In Support Of Chuck Pagano

By Riley Schmitt
Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The Indianapolis Colts have been one of this year’s surprise teams so far. The Colts look like a team that is going to fight for a playoff berth until the very end of the year. They are doing this without head coach Chuck Pagano, who is currently battling leukemia. In order to support their coach, the team took the time to shave their heads.


I think that this idea is fantastic. I am not sure if the entire team shaved their heads but it looks like the special teams units did. At least that is what I gather from the picture above. Although Pagano will probably not coach the team this year, he did give one heck of a post-game speech last week.

The Colts and Pagano have impressed almost everyone this season and I hope it continues.  They are the feel good story of the season and Pagano has done wonders to inspire fans.  If Pagano can make it to at least one game and stand on the sideline this year, I think it would be the best moment of the season.

The Colts are certainly for real this year and this support of their coach is something that every football fan can be proud of.  Some people might think that football players are just dumb jocks, but a show of support like this is something that everyone can appreciate.  If the team makes a surprise run into the playoffs, I bet most of the nation would be pulling for them to win some games.


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