Jacquizz Rodgers seeing expanded role in Atlanta Falcons offense

By Ken Grace
Jake Roth–US Presswire

Michael Turner had a big game for the Atlanta Falcons in their win over the Dallas Cowboys, but it was the play of Jacquizz Rodgers that made a difference in their 19-13 victory.

As if they did not have enough weapons already, the Falcons may have found another one in Rodgers as they kick off the second half of the season. For a team that features the likes of Roddy White, Julio Jones and Tony Gonzalez, when the game mattered most against Dallas, Matt Ryan turned to Rodgers. On the Falcons final clock killing drive it was Rodgers who made the key plays on two pivotal third downs that kept the drive going.

All season long, the Falcons have quietly looked for ways to get Rodgers more involved in the game. Part of the reason, Turner’s carries are somewhat down is because Rodgers has been getting a few of them. However, the Falcons should look to use the young running back in more situations as they did against Dallas.

Rodgers was most successful catching passes out of the backfield from Ryan, something Atlanta typically does not do a lot of. Their tendency against the Cowboys was to use Jones and White for extended routes while creating room for Rodgers underneath. It was great game plans that ultimately lead to the demise of the Cowboys.

Rodgers will not lead the team in rushing or passing for that matter but he proved against Dallas that he could be a difference maker and a change of pace in the backfield. If he is able to continue this kind of play throughout the season, the Falcons might be able to secure home field advantage in the playoffs quicker than they expect. The real test will come against teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New York Giants. Those are two teams who have pretty solid defenses and usually do a good job against the opposing teams receivers.

In the Falcons win against the Cowboys, Jacquizz Rodgers saw 25 snaps, which in fantasy football is more than enough opportunities, especially if the player is as productive as Rodgers was. So, if you have the opportunity to pick Rodgers up down the stretch, he might be a good addition to your fantasy team. After all, even in fantasy football, every yards counts.

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