Michael Vick's Brother Lobbies for Eagles to Trade QB on Twitter: Embarrassment for Vick, or Just What He Needs?

By Joe Doris
Derick E. Hingle-US Presswire

Never have I ever heard anything positive when disgraced ex-Virginia Tech QB Marcus Vick is in the news.

Ranging from viciously stomping on the leg of former Louisville DE Elvis Dumervil in the 2006 Gator Bowl, to holding up a group of teenagers at gunpoint in the parking lot of a McDonald’s fast-food joint.

Once again, Marcus did not disappoint.

Marcus took to Twitter during last night’s Monday night showdown between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New Orleans Saints, and told the world that he wants his brother, QB Michael Vick, to be traded away from the Eagles.

“Please trade my brother. We requesting out of Philly!!!! Please please please,” tweeted Marcus.

He followed up minutes later with shots at the Eagles’ offensive line.

“This not even an NFL type of O-line. What happen to the hogs the Eagles had last year and year before?”

Well Marcus, the majority of the ‘hogs’ you are referring to are out with season-ending injuries and are being replaced by some of the most incompetent offensive linemen in the league. I would hope that Marcus would be aware of these revelations considering his brother is the man being protected by this Eagles’ front.

Even though Vick was constantly mauled all game long last night by the Saints’ pass rush, tweets by his little brother forecasting his next career move is just not a good look. But in reality, could Vick greatly benefit from a trade?

It is no secret at this point in the season that Vick is currently protected by an absolutely abysmal offensive line, which is arguably the worst in the NFL.

Injuries to starting LT Jason Peters and starting C Jason Kelce have left the Eagles’ o-line in total disarray, and Vick has been paying for it on every single drop-back, every single week.

It is also very apparent that most of Philly is just about over the ‘Michael Vick Project’ and are looking to move in a new direction. And if you know Eagles’ fans, you know that they are pretty much impossible to win over without a Super Bowl victory once you are in their doghouse (no pun intended).

If the Eagles do plan on handing the keys to their offense over to QB Nick Foles during the off-season, then Vick’s tenure with the team is surely finished.

So why not try and get a little something for him?

For the first time ever and the only time ever, I am agreeing with Marcus. The Eagles should look to trade Michael Vick by next season.


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