NFL Power Rankings: Arizona Cardinals Start their Freefall

By Kase Brammer
Ken Whisenhunt Arizona Cardinals
Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

The Arizona Cardinals dropped four places in the NFL Power Rankings today according to ESPN. The Cardinals lost their fifth consecutive game and have fallen 15 places in 5 games.  This offense hasn’t been able to catch up with anybody during their losing streak. They enter their bye week two and a half games back of the San Francisco 49ers.

The Cardinals come off of their bye week playing the so far undefeated, Atlanta Falcons. This has all the makings of a six game losing streak. However, the Cardinals are starting to get healthy and QB Kevin Kolb is probably only a couple of games away from playing again. Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt said there was going to be some changes. His first, the benching of LT D’Anthony Batiste for rookie Nate Potter.

The Cardinals have struggled as of late catching the football, but there really isn’t a good answer to fix it. The receivers need to start catching the ball, plain and simple. Part of this could be the Cardinals inability to get the ball to their future Hall of Fame receiver Larry Fitzgerald. When you have a weapon like him, you have to try to get him the ball, even if it costs you once or twice in a game.

QB John Skelton continues to have stalling drives with the football when the Cardinals need a big drive the most. This is a terrible way to win football games and a huge reason this team has lost five straight. This team needs a win in a bad way, but it may have to wait until week 12. Whisenhunt better start winning or he is going to have some difficult questions to answer.

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