NFL Rumors: Jack Del Rio Could be One and Done in Denver

By Joe Morrone
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

The good news is that Jack Del Rio has the defense for the Denver Broncos playing well, and they appear to be getting better as the season goes on. The bad news is Del Rio has the Broncos defense playing well. What? Of course, it’s a good thing that the defense is playing well, but if that success continues then the Broncos are probably going to be looking for yet another defensive coordinator in 2013.

Del Rio is well respected around the league and it won’t be long before he has a chance to be a head coach again. He probably could have taken a season off and would have still been a candidate for any openings next season. If the defense for the Broncos continues to improve and is one of the reasons why they are successful in 2012, then Del Rio may have his pick of jobs. He was successful in his stint with the Jacksonville Jaguars, even if his last couple of seasons were not what he wanted them to be.

The scary part for the Broncos, other than him just leaving, is that Del Rio could very well end up in the AFC West. Both the Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers appear that they will be making coaching changes and trust me, Del Rio will be high on both of their lists. There’s not a whole lot the Broncos can do about it, that’s what happens when you are winning. The best thing they can do is not worry about it, and make the most of this season.

The Denver Broncos would love to have Del Rio stay in Denver to provide some stability to that position, but no one can blame Del Rio for wanting another shot at being a head coach. The Broncos knew this was a possibility when they hired him, but as we’ve seen, they are about winning and Del Rio gave them the best chance to win in 2012. The alternative would have been to hire an unknown and hope it works out, but that’s not the way the Broncos do business anymore. They are going to put the best people in place and try to win the championship every year. If you are a fan of the Broncos, that’s all you can ask for.

If Del Rio moves on, that means the Denver Broncos have had a great season and maybe he is taking a ring with him. Either way, as long as John Elway is in charge, the Broncos will be ready to win in 2013 and beyond.

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