NFL Week Ten: Tennessee Titans Roster Updates

By Stephanie Umek
Leroy Harris
Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

After a terrible outing against the Chicago Bears, the Tennessee Titans are making more roster moves. It is just something that will never go away. It is hard to keep a team the same when the team is not producing wins.

The Titans plan on placing guard Leroy Harris on the injured reserve, which would, of course, end his 2012 season. They also plan on replacing him with Kyle DeVan, who was considered from the practice squad late last week.

But when is it beyond help? When does the franchise look and say, ‘You know, we tried, but playoffs just are not going to happen this year’. The truth is, it really could happen this year, but the odds of it are very, very slim. The Titans enter week ten at 3-6. They have seven games left, four of which are division matchups. They can only afford one more loss on the season to achieve the same record that they had last year of 9-7.

There’s a lot going on now with the Titans as Jake Locker is preparing to get back onto the field. Only practice will tell. He looked good over the weekend, but only plays a few snaps. He is going getting hit at all in practice yet. According to head coach Mike Munchak, if Locker gets good test results, he could play Sunday against the Miami Dolphins.

Titans owner Bud Adams also made a bold statement yesterday to the team, later on explained that they tend to play better after he does some “scolding”. Is this junior high? These are professional athletes. They should not have to be “scolded” to play well when they are making millions. This is their job.

And the Titans ARE a good team. They just don’t have it all together for some reason. They have had to deal with numerous roster changes and injuries all year. They just cannot catch a break.

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