Oakland Raiders NFL Draft Prospect: Star Lotulelei

By Jeremy Hayes
Star Lotulelei
Russ Isabella- US Presswire

It is safe to say after Doug Martin ran all over the Oakland Raiders this past Sunday, the Raiders could improve their defensive line.

The Raiders seem like they are turning in the wrong direction this season after their loss to the Tampa Bay BuccaneersAssuming the Raiders choose to keep their first-round draft pick in 2013, they could have a shot at Utah defensive tackle Star Lotulelei.

Lotulelei is a 6-3, 320-pound tackle who is not a statistic machine, but is your classic defensive tackle that will blow up a play. The Raiders could use a guy like him, the kind of guy who will ruin the opposing offenses drive by doing something as simple as misleading the blocking scheme on the offensive line.

He posted 44 tackles last season, and managed to record these tackles while double teamed on most plays. Lotulelei earned the Morris Trophy in the Pac-12, which means he was voted as the best defensive lineman in the Pac-12 over any pass rusher.

A lot of scouts project him going in the top-5 of the NFL draft, but it all depends on what teams are in front of the Raiders, because their draft needs might not point to the defensive tackle position. The Raiders would have to fall far this season to get a definite shot at him, but there is plenty of talent early on in this draft at the defensive line position.

Lotulelei may be one of the best players that the Raiders could draft

Raider’s Prospect Grade: A


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