Ahmad Bradshaw: Is He the New York Giants' Best Option at Running Back Moving Forward?

By Christopher Gamble



Ahmad Bradshaw and his sore foot are as commonplace around the New York Giants practice facility as the color blue.  Every week Bradshaw misses significant practice time it seems while he rests his sore foot.  This week has been no different.

Each week, Bradshaw is missing in action, perhaps participating in one practice or participating in a walk-through.  Although it has become commonplace, it still doesn’t make it less stressful on Bradshaw, Tom Coughlin, or anyone else in between.

Given how Bradshaw has struggled in recent weeks, the question of whether or not his foot is affecting him in games.  Another thing to think about is whether or not his lack of practice is affecting him when it comes time to go full speed.

So far this season, Bradshaw has just two games of over one hundred yards, 200 yards against the Cleveland Browns in Week 5 and 116 against the San Francisco 49ers in Week 6.  He also only has three games where he averaged over 4.0 yards per carry, in Week 1 against the Dallas Cowboys and in Weeks 5 and 6.

Tom Coughlin has a decision to make and it won’t be easy.  Coughlin must decide if Bradshaw, who has 618 yards this season, is going to be healthy enough to be the Giants starting running back moving forward.

It isn’t that Bradshaw isn’t good enough to be the Giants starting running back.  However, when he misses a lot of practice time he struggles when it comes time to play the game.  Perhaps it is related, maybe it isn’t.  However, it has to concern Coughlin, even if just a little.

No decision has to be made this week but if after the bye Bradshaw is still struggling to stay healthy it might be necessary to make a change just to have Bradshaw in his top form and give the Giants the best rushing attack possible.  Andre Brown has shown he can handle being a starter for the Giants and David Wilson has shown drastic improvements in recent weeks.  Whatever the Giants decide, they might need to make a decision soon.

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