New Yorks Giants Defense Must Step Up

By Andrew Lecointe
Brad Penner — US Presswire

The New York Giants are currently rank 25th in defense, which isn’t good for a team looking to repeat as champions, but many people may not consider this a problem. After all, the New England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers were the two best teams record-wise in the NFL last season. They were also the two worst defenses last year.

The Packers and the Patriots were dominant on the offensive side of the ball. However, the Giants ended up as the Super Bowl champions, beating the Packers and Patriots on their quest to that championship. This should be a telling statistic. You need to play defense if you want to win championships.

The Giants have relied on QB Eli Manning so far, and he has delivered some second-half heroics yet again like last season. The Giants won nine games a year ago, and six of them were won by a Manning comeback. While Manning is an elite quarterback, relying on one guy and one part of the team is living very dangerously.

The Giants’ defense needs to step up and it should start this Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals. While the Bengals do have solid receiving options in WR A.J. Green and TE Jermaine Gresham, QB Andy Dalton isn’t one of the game’s greats. The Giants’ pass rushers have stepped up as of late, but the secondary continues to be a problem.

The Giants are ranked 26th against the pass, mainly because of the play of their secondary. CB Corey Webster has been solid at times, but he has also been badly beaten on several plays. CB Prince Amukamara isn’t playing badly, but he hasn’t really done anything to justify being a first-round pick.

Defensive coordinator Perry Fewell needs to be simplistic in his approach. The Giants are clearly struggling in the secondary to stop the pass, but they have an excellent pass rush. When Fewell sends two extra defenders on a blitz, it puts too much pressure on the secondary. Keep it simple. Let the pass rush do what they’re getting paid to do. Allow the corners to cover with help over the top.

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