Cowboys vs. Eagles: Someone Has to Win

By Timothy Holland

Someone has to win. The Philadelphia Eagles host the Dallas Cowboys Sunday in their first meeting of the 2012 season and someone has to win.

Both teams’ records stand at 3-5. Philadelphia has lost four straight after starting 3-1. Dallas has lost two straight. There is a possibility that Sunday’s game could finish in a tie, but chances are someone will win.

The Eagles and Cowboys can both be labeled as disappointments so far. Each was expected to make a serious run at the New York Giants for the NFC East title. Dallas raised these expectations when they defeated New York on opening day. Philadelphia did the same when they beat the Giants three weeks later. Since then, the Cowboys and Eagles have gone backwards while New York has built a three game lead.

It is hard to say who is worse between Dallas and Philadelphia. The Cowboys have been in all of their games with the exception of losses to the Seattle Seahawks and Chicago Bears. The Eagles have thrown games away week after week. No matter how either has done it, their record reflects who they are.

If one would have to guess which team can turn it around Dallas would be the choice. The Cowboys have played much better than Philadelphia. Dallas had a chance to defeat the Baltimore Ravens, but missed a last second field goal. Against the Giants wide receiver Dez Bryant could not come down in bounds with a game winning touchdown pass. A last second drive against the Atlanta Falcons fizzled.

Meanwhile, the Eagles were beaten badly by the Arizona Cardinals in week three. The Falcons went into Philadelphia and won by two touchdowns. On Monday night, the New Orleans Saints sacked Eagles quarterback Michael Vick seven times and beat Philadelphia 28-13.

The Cowboys are far from a good team. However, with a victory over the Eagles they can get themselves back on track. Dallas would up their record to 4-5. If they can win the following game against the Cleveland Browns it would move them up to .500. The Cowboys season could come down to six games where anything can happen. For proof, just look at the 2011 Giants.

Philadelphia’s season is all but over with a loss to Dallas. Even if the Eagles win there is nothing to indicate that they are a playoff team. Philadelphia can’t protect Vick and won’t give the ball to their best player running back LeSean McCoy. The Eagles defense has gotten progressively worse this season.

There is no such thing as a good 3-5 team. Dallas and Philadelphia are no exceptions. It is very unlikely that either will turn their seasons around this year.

However, they play each other Sunday and someone has to win.

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