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Jimmy Johnson Brings Jerry Jones’ Failures to Light

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is also the team’s general manager and he’s arguably the worst in the league when it comes to the latter position. Jones is the only person in the NFL to have both of the titles he does, but he once was smart enough (or at least appeared to be) to get out of the way of his team’s success. Jones’ former and most successful head coach, Jimmy Johnson, has now shed some light on why the Cowboys’ colorful owner has had no success since he was run out of town.

“Jerry started putting all those titles on himself after I left,” Johnson said. “He didn’t call himself general manager and president and all that stuff when I was there. He was just the owner. Because it was in my contract that I had total responsibility for all football decisions. It was in my contract, and he didn’t allow anybody to have that in their contract after I left.”

Johnson was responsible all three Super Bowl victories by the Cowboys in the early-to-mid 1990s even though he was only present for two of them. He built the team himself while Jones sat back and basked in Dallas’ glory. After the second consecutive title, Jones got jealous like a seventh-grade girl at a middle school dance and ran Johnson out of town. With Barry Switzer at the helm, Dallas didn’t win a third consecutive Super Bowl, but managed one more before the majority of Johnson’s team moved on and then the downfall of the Cowboys’ dynasty began.

One would think that alone would be enough to convince Jerry (or anyone else for that matter) that he couldn’t do it alone. Dallas has one playoff win since the 1996 NFL season with Jones “running things” so it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the problem with this once proud franchise.

Recently, Jones has been asked whether he’ll ever consider stepping down as general manager of the Cowboys, but his response is no because the Cowboys have won three Super Bowls under his reign, even though he had absolutely nothing to do with them other than hiring Johnson. That’s where the wires get crossed.

Johnson calls Jones’ claim that he called the shots for the Cowboys in the early 1990s a “crock” which is a very accurate description. Sure, Jones had the title of general manager, but Johnson was the one who drafted all the Cowboys’ players, put trades together and actually coached the team. Since he left, Jones has failed miserably at putting together a championship team. The fact Jones is lying about calling the shots during the glory days is enough to make any Cowboys fan nauseated.

Johnson is 100 percent right about all of it. Jones’ title as general manager meant absolutely nothing from 1989 to 1994 despite what the deceitful old moron says. The football world can only imagine what the Cowboys’ dynasty could have been had Johnson stuck around for another five years or so. Considering that and the fact Dallas has been the league’s punchline for almost 20 years, no wonder Cowboys fans are bitter.

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