NFL Rumors: Jake Locker could Return in Week 10 against Miami Dolphins

By Stephanie Umek
Jake Locker injury
Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

It’s been a long season already for the Tennessee Titans. But imagine if you were their ‘starting’ quarterback and haven’t even gotten to play in most of the games this year. That could change on Sunday according to reports stating that Jake Locker is moving closer to being back on the field.

Head Coach Mike Munchak’s plan is for Locker to get the start barring any setbacks.



He worked with the starters Wednesday during practice and if all goes well there shouldn’t be any question. Locker has missed five straight games since the September 30th game against division rivals the Houston Texans.

In regards to the Titans other quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, he has his own issues to sort out. During week nine, he was not only called on, but fined for a horse-collar tackle on Chicago BearsKelvin Hayden. The fine was marked at $15,750. But Hasselbeck apparently has a photo that was given to him of the play that indicates that his hands were not in fact used illegally, rather they rested on top of Hayden’s uniform and not inside of the shoulder pads.

“It’s funny to other people, not funny to me,’’ Hasselbeck said. “We have rules in place and obviously I was trying to play within the rules, I wasn’t trying to hurt anybody or anything like that. I have been getting a lot of jokes today. Everyone likes to make jokes. We’ll see. The guy who got tackled probably didn’t even notice. There was nothing violent about the hit.”

Hasselbeck plans to appeal the fine.

There seems to be a heck of a lot of drama involving the quarterbacks this week. Let’s hope they can get everything figured out by Sunday. If they do, week ten against the Miami Dolphins should not be a problem. It is a must win for Tennessee.

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