Philadelphia Eagles are an embarrassment to their fans

By Nik Swartz


Philadelphia Eagles Michael Vick
John David Mercer-US PRESSWIRE

The Philadelphia Eagles are a mess, and the mess is much bigger than their 3-5 record, bigger than the fact they could only score six points on five possessions in the red zone against possibly the worst defense ever to play in the  NFL. This mess runs far and has long arms as everyone in Eagles green has a little of that mess on their hands.

The mess even runs out of the Eagles locker room and into the living room of Marcus Vick, brother of Eagles QB Michael Vick, who graced the world with his highly intelligent tweets in the middle of a game that his brother was lucky to walk away from the field on his own. After seven sacks and never ending pressure, Michael Vick left the Superdome with a vision he may not soon forget – the roof.

Marcus had many tweets, most not worth wasting anyone’s time on but he did tweet how “we want out of Philadelphia”. Unless Michael Vick has a mouse in his pocket that plays for the Eagles, nowhere is there a Marcus Vick on the Eagles roster. Marcus blasted not only the Eagles offensive line but the team as a whole.

Instead of cheering his brother on, he chose to bash his brother’s teammates, the guys the real M. Vick still at the very least, has to go to battle with for eight more weeks. Vick, after getting sacked seven times, was blindsided one more time as he approached the podium and was told about the tweets.  As he was shocked the first question for the first time all season was not about his play, his response was angry but short, “He tweeted that during the game? I’m sorry. I’m unaware of that”.

Marcus Vick has been given too much attention and it will end here, right after this one very funny response to his endless tweets: “if he did not stop he would soon also have the chance to enter twitter jail”.

Philadelphia sports radio phone lines were as full as election sites in the city. On a day where the country was voting for President, another vote was taken, this one by the “Morning Show” on 94.1 WIP in Philadelphia, theirs was a little harsher – should Andy Reid be fired. The final result was not surprising, an astounding 86% for Reid to go, but it’s how the city reacted that was peculiar.

Most callers were not angry that the team had lost which was odd, because Eagles fans have been referred to by many names, but never as lethargic. In a city that is so passionate about its sports teams, this reaction was as off as the Eagles play calling. So with eight games left, on the verge of playing the fans most hated rival, the Dallas Cowboys, the anger has gone, hope has passed and acceptance has set in that this team is bad.

Philadelphia fans are viewed in many ways around the country but not often are they called dispassionate, and that was the feel Tuesday. As one caller on the “Mike & Ike” show said “Why should we care more than the team does?” He went on to say he could care less about the game this week against the Cowboys, and that on Monday, when Vick threw the interception that was returned for a touchdown, he turned on a popular signing show instead of watching the rest of the game, not finding out the final score until the following day.

The fans were not the only ones to give up, as the Eagles laid down and let the Saints pathetic defense crush their quarterback and had one of the worst running teams in the league run all over their defense. It did not go unnoticed by Hugh Douglas, who used to get sacks when he played defensive end for the Eagles, he tweeted that his former team “has no heart! No pride!! No guts!!”

Another former Eagle, Ike Reese said, “I believe last night was it, and Reid may not make it to the end, he seems defeated, like he doesn’t have the answers and if the team didn’t quit on him Monday night, it is unfathomable that they won’t now”.

The Eagles went into MNF, with everyone in their division losing and only one team with a winning record to face in their final nine games, but they played pathetic, uninspired football that was an embarrassment to the city of Philadelphia.

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