Time To Build A Stadium To Host Super Bowl?

By Andy Schmidt

After writing about where Super Bowl L could be held, I started thinking that what is really necessary is one stadium that is used for the Super Bowl and the college football championship game every year. This stadium could be funded by the 32 NFL teams along with the major college conferences to give a true neutral site feel to the title game in both sports.

This stadium needs to be in a warm weather location obviously as much as I want it to be somewhere where it is cold in January and February but for this to work, it needs to be somewhere warm. My first thought took me to Los Angeles where there is no NFL team but with USC and UCLA, that just won’t work in case either team got to the title game. Then, I thought about Las Vegas but we all know that just wouldn’t work either with the gambling and such. The options are limited with this but I think I got where this stadium should be built. This stadium would be best suited in San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio is the 7th-biggest city in the country and with an established sports base already in town.

There are no NFL teams based in San Antonio obviously and with an average temperature in the mid-60s in January and February, it is perfect football conditions for a 120,000 seat stadium which is outdoors on grass. The farming out of Super Bowl games and soon to be college title games to different cities to the highest bidder needs to stop and this won’t allow any team to have a homefield advantage in a title game. It’s time to build just one stadium and then we all know where the game will be every year. I would love to hear your suggestions though, feel free to tweet @ASchmidtSports with your thoughts.

Andy Schmidt is a prep football columnist who dabbles in NFL, MLB and fantasy sports coverage. Follow him on Twitter @ASchmidtSports

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