Titans Tuesday: Defensive Players, Cheerleaders Visit Veterans

By Stephanie Umek
Jason McCourty against Colts

One of the most important things for the Tennessee Titans, besides football, is to remember those who have fought, and are currently fighting for our country. Through ‘Titans Tuesdays’ the player are able to travel to areas of Tennessee to express their thanks to veterans. This is exactly what some of them spent today doing.

The players that were involved included cornerbacks Jason McCourty and Ryan Mouton, along with linebackers Tim Shaw and Patrick Bailey. They were also each accompanied by two members of the Titans cheerleading team. They visited the Department of Veterans Affairs Hospital and handed out “Salute to Service” ribbons.

This is not the first time of course that the Titans visited veterans, but this particular visit to this hospital is an annual one. Also, they usually try to schedule it close to Veterans Day.

It was apparent that McCourty took the most to heart during this particular visit. Aside from his older brother Larry White who currently serves in Desert Storm, his father Calvin McCourty and uncle, Dwayne Harrell, are both veterans.

“To be able to do an event like this and come see some of the guys that have given their heart and soul to our country for us and be able to recognize or notice some of that, it’s nice to be able to give back.” stated McCourty.

One of the residents, Karl Hawkins, who is only 29 years old is currently on the wait list for a kidney transplant. He loved the visit saying, “Watching football and having fun can take you to a different place. It’s great that they come and visit us.”

It’s important to remember those who served everyday. However, it is always special come the beginning of November, and Veterans Day and especially the holidays when everyone should be thinking about the brave men and women that fought and are still fighting for our country.

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