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Top 5 Reasons For Dallas Cowboys’ Struggles

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Top 5 Reasons For Dallas Cowboys Struggles


When looking at the Dallas Cowboys this year, we can all see the team has major issues. While it appears to be a new problem every week, as I wrote the other day, it doesn’t matter. Problems are problems and the Cowboys have more than a few. Sure, we can look at the penalties and the dropped passes but there are much deeper problems.

I’m going to take you a little deeper into what some of the Cowboys issues and it deals with stuff a little further down beneath the surface than what we’ve seen so far. The reality is, this Dallas Cowboys team isn’t very good, and the franchise hasn’t been good for a while now. There are reasons for the demise of this franchise, and yes, Jerry Jones is a big part of the problem, but he isn’t alone. I know most people also want to lay blame on head coach Jason Garrett but he’s not the entire issue either.

This season has been almost a complete disaster and we all want to understand what the heck happened? How could such a promising start to the season have turned so bad so quickly? Well there are answers to those questions and you get them by clicking here. You probably won’t like what you see but then again, after week 1, what have you liked? For your viewing pleasure, well maybe not if you’re a Cowboys fan, here are the top 5 reasons the Cowboys are struggling this season.

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5. Dumb Players


Reason number 5 for the Cowboys poor record so far is they have dumb players. They have committed 62 penalties, good for 4th in the league and it’s also 13 more penalties than their opponents. These are not good numbers, especially when they have players on the offensive line that seemingly put them behind the chains on too many possessions. To make matters worse, Tyron Smith and Doug Free lead the league in penalties, with nine each.

Also contributing to the stupidity of the Cowboys is the inability of wide receivers to run the right route. Every game it seems there is a miscommunication between quarterback Tony Romo and his receivers because they ran the wrong route. Dez Bryant and Kevin Ogletree are the main culprits on this issue.

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4. Lack Of Turnovers


Reason number 4 for the Cowboys struggles so far is because of their inability to create turnovers. Dallas has a measly three interceptions, while 19 players in the NFL have at least three picks of their own and five players have more interceptions than the entire Dallas defense. To put it mildly, that is not good. For good measure, the Cowboys rank in next to last in the NFL in turnover differential at -11. They have managed to get only eight takeaways while giving up the ball 19 times. Why can’t the defense force turnovers? It’s been a problem for the team the past few years and has remained that way this season. Where are all the play makers on defense? Well, I’m guessing my next reason for the Cowboys struggles may answer that question…

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3. Rob Ryan

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Rob Ryan is reason number 3 for the Dallas Cowboys problems. Sure the defense has been much better this year but as I said above, where are the turnovers? The Cowboys drafted a cornerback very early in the draft and signed a pricey corner in free agency but where are the results? Ryan’s has done well getting the defense off the field for a ton of three and outs but where are the exotic blitzes he’s known for? The team went out and got two physical corners and yet Ryan still doesn’t play the bump and run style made for Claiborne and Carr. Ryan also puts DeMarcus Ware in coverage too often for my liking. The Cowboys need to be more aggressive and force turnovers, rather than sitting and waiting for them in zone coverage. The Cowboys need more blitzing and aggression on defense.

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2. Offensive Line

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The offensive line play is reason number 2 on the list. The Cowboys have been trying to solve their line issues for years but continue to do it with cheap free agents and low round draft picks, aside from Tyron Smith. They could have spent their money on Ben Grubbs and Carl Nicks in free agency this off-season but instead, they went with two mediocre (at best), guards in Mackenzy Bernardeau and Nate Livings. That $30 million would have been much better off spent on a quality center or guard. Every year the Cowboys go into the off-season needing an upgrade on the interior of the line and every year they try to patch it together. This team has no shot if can’t protect Tony Romo and so far he’s been running for his life. Coincidentally, the Cowboys aren’t very good.

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1. Jerry Jones

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The top reason the Dallas Cowboys are having a bad season is no surprise, it’s Jerry Jones. This team was put together by him, just ask him and that’s what he’ll tell you. If you want to take all the credit, which is he wants, then he has to take the majority of the blame. His delusional thoughts about his team and how good they could be were off from the start and it gave an already gullible fan base dreams of competing for the Super Bowl.

The 2012 Dallas Cowboys are “a year away from competing seriously for a championship,” those were my exact words before the season started and I still believe them now. They need another year of free agency and another draft to get the necessary pieces and depth to compete at a higher level. Jones’ proclamations before the year did not help the fans understand how far away the Cowboys were and now they are furious over how this season has gone. The blame lies with Jones for that.