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Top 7 NFL Teams That Should Move To Los Angeles

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What team would you like to see move to Los Angeles?

Lake Show

The Dallas Cowboys have big attendance numbers year after year, so they will never leave Dallas. I mean come on, they are "America's team". I believe whichever NFL team moves to Los Angeles, because of their media market, can match the success of the Cowboys.

Los Angeles deserves an NFL team, but which one? This has been a question on many sports fans since they lost their last one. Many teams have come and gone and there are a lot of reasons to believe the town will eventually get a team. The first one, it's a huge market. Any team would thrive in LA because of the huge fan base. They have the Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Clippers, and of course the Los Angeles Lakers. There is still plenty of room for one more.

Earlier this year, the city of Los Angeles voted to approve the construction of a new stadium near the Staples Center. It passed 12-0 and the completion date is set for 2016. Even NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell expressed interest in moving a team to fit LA's needs.

Of course this is great news to a city that is missing a great NFL franchise. LA is a basketball town, more specifically a Kobe Bryant town, at least at the moment. This could change if a team were to move to LA and "do work" right away. This is unlikely considering the talent on the top two or three teams, but a big market can attract the biggest names. Just ask the New York Yankees.

This is a list of the top 7 teams that should move to Los Angeles. However, only the top two or three would actually move there. Left off the list is the San Diego Chargers. I do not think they will move because they are so close. The same goes for the Oakland Raiders. Of course this is my opinion, who knows it could be a bad one. So, here is my list. Who is number 1 in your mind?

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7. Indianapolis Colts


I would like to start out by saying there is no way this would actually happen. I just think it would be hilarious if the owner of the team secretly took his team to LA overnight. The Baltimore Colts famously moved to Indianapolis at night in moving trucks. Of course this is no longer possible with the owners having to approve the move, but still, something I thought was worth mentioning. This would be very unfair to the city after having so much success with Peyton Manning over the years and now the new era of Andrew Luck. I think it's safe to say the Indianapolis Colts are going nowhere soon.

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6. Carolina Panthers

Cam's town

The Carolina Panthers are 6th in the NFL in attendance this year, so there is no lack of fan base. The Panthers are one of the newer franchises too, so I don't think they will be moving. However, LA has a history of superstars. QB Cam Newton could add his name to the list. He has the athletic ability to anyway. The only problem of course is he has a tendency to get in his own head. The town of Los Angeles can eat you alive if you let it, but Newton will eventually grow up. It could be right in time for the Panthers to move to LA.

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5. Miami Dolphins


The state of Florida has way too many teams for their market, so one of them will eventually make the move. The Miami Dolphins are second to last in attendance for the 2012 season and have not had much to cheer about since Dan Marino starred at quarterback for nearly two decades. I do not think this team will make the move. There is just too much history there. Plus, Miami's alternate orange uniforms are too awesome for this team not to stay in Miami. One team from Florida will top this list. Can you guess who it is?

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4. St. Louis Rams


Well, the Rams moved from Los Angeles to St. Louis. Well, at least the name did. Why not give it another try? The St. Louis Rams have fallen on some pretty hard times. A change of scenery could be exactly what they need. QB Sam Bradford probably would not like LA, but you never know. He needs to find a way to attract better players and moving to a bigger market would help. However, the Rams did win a Super Bowl in 2000, so there are fans that hang on to that and would be sad to see them go.

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3. Buffalo Bills


The Buffalo Bills are in the middle of the pack in terms of attendance, but also have not had much to celebrate since QB Tom Brady took over for the New England Patriots. This team has a lot of history and a big enough fan base, but getting away from the Patriots might help them in the future. Change is a hard thing to face and the fans in Buffalo will be angry for a long time if this happens. Therefore, I do not think it will. However, the stadium is almost 40 years old. A brand new stadium in LA could make this deal happen. Still, it probably won't.

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2. Cleveland Browns


The Cleveland Browns are not a good football team. They haven't been in a very long time. They are another team that constantly fails to attract good players, and if they do for some reason they under perform. Could the Browns eventually be good? Of Course, any team can, but when you have a history of being so bad, it's hard to imagine the Browns ever winning a Super Bowl. A change of scenery could help in the long run. It would for sure help them get better quicker. The Browns have left before, the city of Cleveland has great fans, but it's hard to watch them cheer for a team that is so bad.

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1. Jacksonville Jaguars


The Jacksonville Jaguars are my number 1 team that should, and probably will move to LA. Their fan base is decent, but that can be said about every team in the NFL. They are a team that has experienced problems with recruiting high quality players. Most of their big name players come via the draft. Nobody wants to play there. They're just kind of stuck. We saw it earlier in the season with Maurice Jones-Drew. He brought the Jaguars some negative attention and that is not what they needed. Los Angeles will eventually get a team. Will it be the Jaguars? Who do you think it will be?