Dallas Cowboys Fans Need To Keep Believing

By Ben Grimaldi
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There is no doubt that if you’re a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, things don’t look good right now. The team hasn’t been what you thought, especially after getting a big season opening victory over the New York Giants. Your owner is continues to defy logic and there is little faith in your head coach.

I’m with all of you on the validity of those points.

However, even though it looks bleak at this point in the season, you have to keep believing in your team. I know most of you will and know this, I’m just as aggravated as any of you with the way this year has gone. But all is not lost. The NFL is a 16 games season, not just the eight games they’ve played already. There is still time to become a better team and to make a playoff run.

The odds are stacked against them and the Cowboys know it but there is no quit in this team. They didn’t quit when they were getting blown out at home against the Giants a few weeks ago and they aren’t giving up now. Just look at what the team had to say this week.

The head coach put it in the simplest terms he could, “The best teams are mentally tough and just keep going forward” said Jason Garrett. That’s the right attitude to have and his team is listening.

Jason Witten backed his coach and remained committed to playing hard, “That’s why these games are so tough right now, because you’ve got a lot of guys that are working together and doing it the right way, but at the end you’re not coming away with those wins. You’ve got to find a way to do it. …

“Obviously, you want to do it for (Garrett) because he’s done it the right way and players love playing for him. But we know it’s a bottom-line business, and we’ve got to go win games.”

Quarterback Tony Romo was asked if his team was desperate this week, “We don’t use terms like that around here,” he said. “I just think you have to play our best football game this weekend. Everyone understands the importance of this football game. It’s a point and a time where we need to go out and do what needs to be done to win.”

Jason Hatcher also had the right attitude about his Cowboys, “What you can do is you can look yourself in the mirror and check yourself, check your character to see what kind of man you is,” the defensive end said. “Yeah, you’re dug in a hole. Now what are you going to do about it?

“Are you going to get out of it or are you going to tuck your tail and run like a punk?”

This team is backing its coach and the players are willing to fight for one another!

I am well aware it’s not enough to just try and I know they get paid to compete hard every minute of every game but you have to be proud of the fight they’ve shown. This group does not give up and I hope I don’t need to remind you all of what happened two years ago, when a team did give up on Wade Phillips. Say what you want about Jason Garrett, but his team plays hard for him.

I ask you to go back a few years ago when the Cowboys had lost back to back games in December against the Giants and then at home to the San Diego Chargers to fall to 8-5 on the season. Things looked bad then too and the demons of December’s past were all around but your Dallas Cowboys kept fighting and beat the undefeated New Orleans Saints. That team went on to win the division and a playoff game.

Their backs were against the wall then and the same can be said this year. The season isn’t over and the Cowboys can still get better and get back into the playoff hunt. It’s not going to be easy and they’ve put themselves into a hole but if this team is willing to fight, we should be willing to continue to believe in and support them! Strange things can happen in sports.

As Yogi Berra said, “it ain’t over til it’s over.”

Sometimes you just need a pep talk; beat that Jason Garrett!

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