Jared Allen Not a Fan of Detroit

By Andrew Fisher
Marilyn Indahl-US PRESSWIRE

The always quotable Jared Allen is at it again. The star defensive end for the Minnesota Vikings recently made some comments on his upcoming opponent’s city, Detroit.

“Obviously, I’m not a city person period, and Detroit isn’t on my high list of places to move. But, hey, I love Ford. I love American-made automobiles, so my hat’s off to Detroit for that.”

“I don’t typically come out of my room, period, but every time I’ve been to Detroit, it’s either been a snowstorm or overcast, and I think this last time was the first time I saw people on the river having a good time. It is kind of gloomy, I don’t know. When I go there, I’m just like everything kind of looks the same and it’s just the weather’s always been bad.”

Allen has also called the Motor City “depressing,” in the past.

Is it a surprise that Allen would make these comments? Absolutely not, and that’s why fans love him. Outside of Detroit, most people would probably agree with Allen too. Detroit’s reputation is not exactly great, but Allen’s comments are clearly subjective. I take them for what they are, entertaining…

As far as the actual matchup with the Detroit Lions is concerned, the Vikings’ defense needs to step up big time. In recent weeks the Minnesota defense has regressed badly, with teams often running and throwing the ball at will.

With the Detroit offense starting to hit its stride, it’s crucial that the Vikings’ front four gets some pressure on Matthew Stafford, and of course that all starts with Jared Allen.

Can he back up his talk? I think we all know the answer to that.

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