Michael Vick Hands Down a Twitter 'Gag Order' to Little Brother, Marcus

By Joe Doris
Derick Hingle-US Presswire

During the Philadelphia Eagles’ Monday night loss to the New Orleans Saints, Marcus Vick, the younger brother of Eagles’ QB Michael Vick, took shots at Vick’s teammates and proclaimed that he was “requesting out of Philly,” via Twitter.

Vick has since made it clear that this will not happen again, as he told Marcus to “shut off” the Twitter.

Marcus’ tweets made national news on Monday night due to the profanity used and the inappropriate nature of the comments, as they sounded more like the cries of an immature fan, instead of the rational thoughts of an NFL player’s sibling.

When first hearing about the tweets, I immediately thought of how embarrassed Vick would be once he became aware of them, and how bad of a look it is for the quarterback and his already negative reputation.

So it was no surprise after the game on Monday night when Vick told reporters that he would definitely talk to his little brother about his comments. Vick was visibly ashamed and upset with the manner in which Marcus voiced his feelings about the Eagles’ organization and its players.

Vick also noted that the comments made by Marcus were his brother’s personal thoughts and feelings alone, and did not reflect the way that he felt in any way.

“That’s my brother’s name on the tweet, not me,” said Vick. “That’s his opinion and that’s what he wants to say.”

This did not suggest that Vick condoned his brother’s actions, as it was more to clarify that he and his brother are not on the same page. Even if Vick was unhappy in Philly and wanted to leave the city, going on a Twitter rant would be the last way he would want to go about it.

This was really the last thing that Vick needed, while the Eagles are struggling greatly at 3-5, and the quarterback has been under constant criticism for his turnovers and lack of offensive production.

Marcus should have known the publicity that his tweets would bring, and should have known that the comments would do nothing but put even more pressure on his brother.

Now while Vick has advised his brother to shut down his Twitter, the QB needs to find a way to stop defenses from continuing to shut down his offense.


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