Minnesota Vikings: Backup QB Joe Webb Ready if Needed

By Andrew Fisher
Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE

Fans of the Minnesota Vikings are beginning to talk, and boo. While there isn’t a full-on quarterback controversy brewing in Minneapolis, talks of replacing Christian Ponder with Joe Webb are beginning to heat up.

The team is sticking with Ponder as their starter for this week’s game against the Detroit Lions, but starting the game is about the only guarantee when it comes to Ponder. His leash will be short come Sunday, and one or two series of bad play, could equal a call to the proverbial pen.

Webb is ready if the Vikings do call his number against the Lions:

“You can’t ever let down your guard and say, ‘Ah, I might not play this week.’ You can’t prepare like that,” Webb said. “Each week, I prepare like I’m going to play.”

“(Christian and I) have a great relationship. There’s no beef with one another. Fans are fans. They love the game of football. People are going to have their different opinions, so I try not to pay too much attention to it.”

I’m sure fans of the team are glad to hear that Webb is ready to go if needed, and judging by the last few weeks, there’s a good chance he’ll see the field Sunday.

My feelings are mixed on Webb. While he doesn’t seem to have a ceiling as high as Ponder, there’s no doubt that he could outplay him right now.

Webb is more than capable of leading this team to victory against the Lions and most any other team in the league, especially when Adrian Peterson is running at his current pace.

The Vikings don’t need that much more out of the quarterback spot, just someone that can at least bring some respectability to the position. Ponder’s play has just been dismal, failing to reach 100 yards passing in several recent contests. Joe Webb can certainly out-do that.

If Ponder again starts slow the boo birds will be out, and that call to the pen will become a very good possibility.

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