NFL Rumors: New York Giants' Victor Cruz To Be Managed By Jay-Z?

By jason evans

It looks like Victor Cruz may not only be doing a salsa dance after scoring touchdowns. He might even throw up the diamond sign like Larry Johnson used to. It’s not just because Cruz is a Jay-Z fan, it’s because Jay-Z will be managing him. The New York Giants wide receiver may be getting even more exposure as it appears Cruz will be signing on with Jay-Z’s company Roc Nation.

Roc Nation will be in charge of managing Cruz’s entertainment deals and apparently, Cruz may even put out a hip-hop record at some point. The deal isn’t done yet, but it’s close. IMG also has signed Cruz, but it appears that they will manage more of his football operations and endorsement deals, like the new, fat contract extension that he is close to getting.

Do I think it’s smart of Cruz to start thinking about life after football? Absolutely. He should try and capitalize on his fame now and make as much money as he possibly can. The thing is though, athletes want to musicians and musicians want to be athletes. Look at what Metta World Peace and Kobe Bryant did in putting out hip-hop albums. I’m curious to see if Cruz does in fact puts one out, or,  ends up going on Dancing With The Stars next time around. As long as it doesn’t take away from his focus and his game on the field, I say go for it.

Jay-Z (or Mr. Z as some political pundits have called him) clearly knows what he’s doing in business. The guy ran Def Jam for awhile and owns a piece of the Brooklyn Nets, among other investments. I think it’s smart of Cruz to have this relationship and hopefully it turns out well for him.

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