New York Giants Continue to Talk a Big Game, Need to Start Showing Up Consistently

By Jeff Shull
Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

The New York Giants have garnered a reputation of some of the biggest trash talkers in the NFL. Even when they’re attempting to take the high road, it seems as if they are still taking shots at their opponents. Depending on the situation, I enjoy it when players talk trash. It adds an element to the game that makes it more exciting to watch. Frankly, for some, it helps get them motivated and if talking trash is a way to make you play better, I’m all for it.

But if the Giants are going to continue to talk the way they have been, they need to start showing up more consistently. By that I mean don’t have games like last week against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Despite the score being 24-20, if you watched the game you came away feeling like the Giants got absolutely dominated by the Steelers in every single aspect of the game. The Steelers slowed down the Giants’ high-powered passing attack, ran the ball all over this normally stingy run defense, and Chris Rainey ran wild on the Giants’ special teams units.

Despite all of this, the Giants are still making noise in advance of their road matchup with the Cincinnati Bengals. In response to wide receiver A.J. Green saying there are holes in the Giants’ defense, Antrel Rolle responded by saying “I’ll talk with my pads. “If he sees me, he better duck.” He also added “I don’t give a (blank) what anybody says.”

Clearly the comments from Green got under Rolle’s skin, but the numbers seem to back Green up. The Giants have allowed the second most passing plays of 20 or more yards and rank 26th in the league against the pass. Instead of responding to these comments, Rolle should have let this one go. The numbers and performances on the field don’t lie.

Hakeem Nicks was also asked by the media if he is worried about his less than stellar statistics so far this season. “Stats are for girls” was Nicks’ response to that nonsense.

While that is true, there is a small correlation to the Giants’ recent struggles and Nicks’ health. He needs to start getting better. Nicks said there is “puffiness” in his knee but he plans on playing this weekend.

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