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NFL Picks: Week 10

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NFL Picks: Week 10


Week number nine is in the books and we are, more or less, at the halfway point of the NFL season. Every team has played at least eight games now and their identity is pretty much formed. In that spirit, here’s a quick look at each division as we head into the second half of the season.

AFC East: The New England Patriots are in prime position for another division title and will not be challenged. The only other team in this division with playoff hopes are the surprising Miami Dolphins.

AFC North: This division will send two teams to the playoffs; the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers. The smart money is on the Steelers to win the division and the Ravens to qualify as a wild card.

AFC South: The other wild card team is likely to be the Indianapolis Colts with rookie quarterback, Andrew Luck. The Houston Texans will run away with the division and look to lock up home-field advantage.

AFC West: The Denver Broncos are about to run away with this division and could challenge for one of the top two seeds.

NFC East: It’s a down season for what is usually one of the toughest divisions in football. As of right now, it appears as if only the New York Giants will make the playoffs.

NFC North: Two teams, two very good teams, will head to the playoffs out of the NFC North. The Chicago Bears have a two game lead over the Green Bay Packers and will probably win the division, but the Packers will be a dangerous team. The Detroit Lions will be in the fight for the last wild card spot.

NFC South: The Atlanta Falcons have the inside track to home-field advantage in the NFC but have to be careful with the Bears only one game back. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will compete for the final spot.

NFC West: The division belongs to the San Francisco 49ers and will compete for one of those first-round byes. The Seattle Seahawks will battle with the Lions and Buccaneers for that last spot.

That’s a quick look at the playoff picture at the midway point, but for now let’s find out who is going to win in week number ten.

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Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The surprising Colts head to Florida to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday night. The Colts are one of the best stories of the season and the Jaguars are the Jaguars. It’s been tough for the road teams to win on Thursday nights, but give me the Colts.

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New York Giants at Cincinnati Bengals


The Cincinnati Bengals just got done with Peyton Manning and now they have to deal with Eli Manning. The game versus the older brother did not go well and the Bengals will not have much luck with little brother either. The Giants are upset after a loss to the Steelers and it is the Bengals who will pay.

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Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins

Jonathan Brownfield-US PRESSWIRE

Bud Adams, the owner of the Tennessee Titans, called out everyone in his organization after getting blown out at home by the Bears. It won’t help; the Dolphins are a better football team and will stay in the playoff race with a win over the Titans.

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Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings


The Lions have crawled their way back into the playoff race with consecutive wins and now travel to Minnesota to take on the Vikings. The Vikings were a great story but are now crashing back to earth. It won’t be pretty but the Lions sneak out of the Twin Cities with an important win.

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Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

There is the hammer and the nail and there is the Patriots and the Buffalo Bills. Actually the nail probably has better luck then the Bills, and that won’t change on Sunday. The Patriots struggled a little early but are primed to go on a run and the Bills will offer no resistance.

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Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

The undefeated season for the Falcons ends on Sunday versus the New Orleans Saints. Yes the Saints are not a very good football team, but they do not like the Falcons and would love to hand them their first loss. It will be a high-scoring game but the Saints get it done.

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San Diego Chargers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers


The San Diego Chargers have to travel all the way to Tampa Bay to take on the Buccaneers in an early game. The Buccaneers are playing good football and the Chargers do not know who they are; give me the Bucs by 10.

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Denver Broncos at Carolina Panthers


John Fox returns to Carolina where he coached the Panthers for nine seasons and while that’s a great story; it won’t have much of an impact. The Broncos have a better football team than the Panthers, and that’s what matters. Much like their win over the Bengals; the game will be tight but the Broncos pull away in the second half.

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Oakland Raiders at Baltimore Ravens

Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

The Oakland Raiders are not a good football team and now have to face the Ravens on the road. That’s a recipe for disaster and that’s what is going to happen on Sunday. The Ravens win big and physically beat up the Raiders.

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New York Jets at Seattle Seahawks

Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

The New York Jets come off of their bye week and have to travel all the way to Seattle to take on a good Seahawks team. This might be the best bet of the weekend; the Seahawks play great at home and the Jets don’t play great anywhere. Seattle, big!

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Saint Louis Rams at San Francisco 49ers


Saint Louis travels to San Francisco to take one the 49ers and their defense. The only real suspense in this game is if the Rams can actually score a point. The Niners are coming off of their bye and are ready to make a run deep into the playoffs.

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Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles


The Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles play in the potential bowl. Both teams, we are told, have limitless potential and neither one of them are any good. Based on that, it should be a pretty good football game. Give me the Eagles just because they are at home.

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Houston Texans at Chicago Bears


The game of the week features two 7-1 teams when the Texans travel to Chicago to take on the Bears. Both teams are very good and both will be a factor in January, but I’ll go with the Bears for a couple of reasons. Number one, they are at home and number two the Bears have the better defense. In a great game, the Bears win on a late field goal.

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Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers


The NFL is seriously considering cancelling the Monday night game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs in order to spare everyone the pain of watching it. However the game must go on and the Chiefs must keep losing. The Steelers are rolling, this will be ugly.

My record in week number nine-12-2, how did you do?

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