The Arizona Cardinals' Challenge of the Week is Themselves

By Kase Brammer
Andre Roberts Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals have faced challenges all year. This week they will be watching from the couch during their bye week, but they still have a challenge. It’s themselves. They Cardinals started the year unhealthy with an injury to their starting left tackle, Levi Brown. Since then, it has not gotten better. Also on the injured reserve is RB Ryan Williams, RB Javaris James, and the latest O’Brien Schofield. RB Beanie Wells is also on the injured reserve list, but he is designated for return and will be available November 25th against the St. Louis Rams.

Other players who have missed some time are QB Kevin Kolb, QB John Skelton, tight end Todd Heap, DE Darnell Dockett, and LB Reggie Walker and that is just to name a few.

The number one goal for the Cardinals this week is to get healthy. That is because nagging injuries compound and if you continue to play on them they just get worse. Hopefully, players like Dockett will be 100 percent healthy after the bye week. His production has slowed this year and you have to think it’s because of the injury he suffered. At the moment, I believe the Cardinals are in their own head. These 5 losses have taken a toll on their confidence and they need to get it back.

Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt needs to make a change during these next two weeks before they play the Atlanta Falcons. If he does not the Cardinals might as well forfeit because it will be a blood bath.  The “Whatever it takes” motto should return to this team because they are just not playing to their potential.

Yes, in some areas they lack talent, but their ability makeup for that was the reason they won their first four games. These last five losses have been hard on fans. The Cardinals have experienced the most extreme high and low of any team in the NFL. Right now, they are consistently bad. Hopefully, in the future they can get out of their funk and start winning football games.

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