Top 50 NFL Players Halfway Through 2012 NFL Season

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Top 50 Player In NFL So Far This Season


We are halfway through the NFL season, which means there all types of lists out there; not only in the blog world but also on sports television networks. One of the best sites to follow if you’re a football fan is Rant Sports and we like to keep and set the trends here. So with the halfway mark upon us I have taken the liberty of ranking the top 50 players in the NFL so far this season.

Some of these names may surprise you and some of them you may have never heard of and that’s ok too. All you need to know is that these guys have been getting it done. So this is my .02 on who are the best players in the game right now. The list has eight quarterbacks, 10 offensive linemen and only one Dallas Cowboy and Philadelphia Eagle to make the list. The San Francisco 49ers leads the way with five players on the list. There are five teams unrepresented; no Oakland Raiders, New York Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars or Tennessee Titans players made the cut.

Peyton Manning is back where he belongs, among the top players in the game and there may be a surprise as to who is the top quarterback in the game through the halfway point on the season. Please note that I did not include players who are on injured reserve into account but otherwise, every player was considered. Did your favorite player make the list? There’s only one way to find out, enjoy the list!

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50. Sebatian Vollmer: RT - New England Patriots

49. Reggie Wayne: WR – Indianapolis Colts

48. Kyle Williams: DT – Buffalo Bills

47. Mike Pouncey: C – Miami Dolphins

46. Drew Brees: QB – New Orleans Saints

45. Branden Albert: LT – Kansas City Chiefs

44. Robert Griffin III: QB – Washington Redskins

43. Chad Greenway: LB – Minnesota Vikings

42. Doug Martin: RB – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

41. DeMarcus Ware: OLB – Dallas Cowboys

The biggest name here is Doug Martin. The rookie has exploded the past few weeks and doesn’t look to be slowing down. Kyle Williams may not be a name you know but he’s been one of the best defensive tackles in the game for a few years now. Drew Brees has rebounded nicely from a rough start and RG III also makes the list.

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Jennifer Hilderbrand-US PRESSWIRE

40. Heath Miller: TE – Pittsburgh Steelers

39. Vernon Davis: TE – San Francisco 49ers

38. Vincent Jackson: WR – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

37. Justin Houston: OLB – Kansas City Chiefs

36. Mike Iupati: G – San Francisco 49ers

35. Eric Weddle: S – San Diego Chargers

34. Jason Pierre-Paul: OLB – New York Giants

33. Lance Briggs: LB – Chicago Bears

32. Richard Sherman: CB – Seattle Seahawks

31. Daryl Washington: LB – Arizona Cardinals

Richard Sherman is coming on as one of the best corners in the game and a couple of safety shows up. Vincent Jackson and Heath Miller are having great years. Sack master JPP makes the list and Washington has been a stud for the Cardinals.

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30. Trent Williams: LT – Washington Redskins

29. Robert Quinn: DE – St. Louis Rams

28. Eli Manning: QB – New York Giants

27. Charles Johnson: DE – Carolina Panthers

26. Marshall Yanda: G – Baltimore Ravens

25. Evan Mathis: G – Philadelphia Eagles

24. Joe Staley: LT – San Francisco 49ers

23. Marshawn Lynch: RB – Seattle Seahawks

22. Ryan Clady: LT – Denver Broncos

21. Arian Foster: RB – Houston Texans

Finally so Trent Williams of the Redskins is playing like the high draft pick they wanted and another 49ers lineman makes the cut. Robert Quinn emerges as one of the best DE’s in the NFL and Ryan Clady returns to be one of the best tackles in the game. A couple of the league’s best running backs appear.

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20. Ben Roethlisberger: QB – Pittsburgh Steelers

19. Geno Atkins: DT – Cincinnati Bengals

18. Clay Matthews: OLB – Green Bay Packers

17. Duane Brown: LT – Houston Texans

16. Rob Gronkowski: TE – New England Patriots

15. NaVorro Bowman: LB – San Francisco 49ers

14. Roddy White: WR – Atlanta Falcons

13. Peyton Manning: QB – Denver Broncos

12. Patrick Willis: LB – San Francisco 49ers

11. Aaron Rodgers: QB – Green Bay Packers

10. Brandon Marshall: WR – Chicago Bears

Peyton Manning is back and so is his place inside the top 15 players in the game. Also in the top 20 are the inside linebackers for San Fran, no wonder their defense is so stout! A couple of wide receivers who are having great years appear here as well, Brandon Marshall and Roddy White.

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1 is J.J. Watt


9. Adrian Peterson: RB – Minnesota Vikings

8. Tom Brady: QB – New England Patriots

7. AJ Green: WR – Cincinnati Bengals

6. Cameron Wake: DE – Miami Dolphins

5. Charles Tillman: CB – Chicago Bears

4. Von Miller: OLB – Denver Broncos

3. Percy Harvin: WR – Minnesota Vikings

2. Matt Ryan: QB – Atlanta Falcons

1. J.J. Watt: DE - Houston Texans

J.J. Watt comes in at the top spot and maybe a couple of surprises right behind him. Percy Harvin has been electric for the Vikings and Cameron Wake anchors a stout Dolphins defense. No surprise to see Tom Brady in the top 10 or Charles Tillman, who has been a turnover machine for the Bears. Matt Ryan takes the top spot at QB and Adrian Peterson continues to amaze as the top running back after coming off major knee surgery in the off-season.

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